Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Being Here. Being Human. Day Eight

Being Here. Being Human.


Today, this can be writing ten things that are only because you want to.

Ten things that are not connected to time as money.
Ten things that have nothing to do when showing you can do something just as well as anyone else.
Ten things that reclaim the body’s lived experience without requiring it remains inside the binary.
Ten things that are here, all your own, for you, for their own sake.

What is your own experience?
Isabel Abbott (IG: @isabel_abbott)

  1. I have ever felt the love of someone unconditionally until I met my third husband.
  2. I wish my mom lived closer
  3. I want to run away and live in the woods or country and homestead like they used, completely living off the land, no tech, no tv, maybe phones, but even if not, that is fine, perhaps only the land and me (and my spouse) picking berries, pruning bushes, gardening, canning, waking up each day with no agenda and just DO whatever the hell I want to.
  4. I have recently fallen in love with Oriah Mountain Dreamer and thus this has helped me reach my own reality about a part of me that also has in some circles started going under a new name that resonates with me more, but I have not shared it openly with anyone else except my mother.
  5. I yearn to write as profoundly as Isabel Abbot and Oriah Mountain Dreamer and slowly am allowing that person to unravel and become
  6. I am on Day 39 of 111 Vibrational Exercises and already feel a shift and my life, my connections, and my world is starting to not only change before me, but I am finally the true creator of it and know my Vibration is raised significantly.
  7. I have been growing my intuition through an app called Synctuition and  I feel my Vibration and Intuition starting to work in tandem throughout my soul.
  8. I always feel like my body is attacking me and no one will ever let me get away with saying that because it feels uncomfortable for them to hear.
  9. I have body dysmorphia internally and externally.
  10. I am ina constant state of fear my cancer will metastasize again. 

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