Friday, September 11, 2020

Being Here. Being Human. Day Five

 Being Here. Being Human.

What are your own small wins? What are the successes you want to name?

What of this life wants to be celebrated alongside the grief?
Isabel Abbott (IG: @isabel_abbott)

It all matters, and is worthy of occupying our words and space and remembrance.
Let’s write our words of celebrations to all the small and not so small things.

My small wins:

  • Creating a new web page for my Toastmasters District
  • Organizing all my fabric people donated to me this year
  • Labeling and naming each fabric I have to up my game to allow customers to see my fabric choices and pick from them. Game changer!
  • Completed the new ReBranding of my business and I am so happy with it.
  • Found three different people to start working for my Fashion Business. One Virtual Assistant, One lady to make my floral headbands, one gal to help me some fashion needs
  • Created and doing a daily practice of reading and meditation from Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray and feeling my vibration get stronger
  • Have a regular schedule to listen to my Synctuition and have raise my intuition levels
  • For the first time since 2014, we have a couch and a chair 1/2 that I completely manifested for free and it's nearly brand new
  • Carving out time for myself for self-care
  • Have made Magic Realism a priority to do daily
  • Being able to spend time with friends
  • Being here, alive, is a huge win for me
  • My precious win I always feel honored to have is my spouse. He truly loves me unconditionally and I never thought I would find another that would exist that way.
Doing this challenge today really helped me see the wins in my life, not just the pain.

What are your wins? They can be small or large.

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