Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Summer days

Summer days come and go. Sometimes I wish I were young again. TO have the freedom to do as you please. No bills, no payments, no work, just freedom. A walk on the beach, hanging out with friends. Going out late saturdays nights. Do things on the spur on the moment. Time thrusts us into the future to the world of finance and responsibility. A world of seriousness and maturity. Why can't there be both? In all my efforts I try to make it so.

I laugh at life. I enjoy the world. I am a a non conformist. I do my thing. I love to be silly and giddy like a school girl. I love to be me, straight down to the core. I am who I am. I like watching movies alone sometimes. I am not afraid of this or feel I have to be with friends. I enjoy shopping with just me and only asking myself if I like what I am trying on or considering buying. I love who I am.

A new friend recently stated that I was mysterious. Many want to know what is behind those eyes, those thoughts. But getting a close look come with a price. A price of truth. True knowledge. I am honet and I will tell you my thoughts. But trust in another human being is not easy. I am sensitivie and get hurt easy. I love and cae with all I have. To have this kind of friend does not come easy.

Am I mysterious? Yes. I will not divulge all of me to someone I barely know. Not that side anyway. You see my laugh, my joy in life, my honesty, but there are many things I have been through that make me who I am today. This is true for all of us. Many people wear themselves on their sleeve only to be brushed off. Time will only unveil the mystery. Something must be kept for me.

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