Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday: What Do You Wish to Choose?

Wishcasting Wednesday: What Do You Wish to Choose?

I wish to continue with a forward momentum.

I have done a lot this year.

I have taken many classes.

I am doing what I can to improve my life, make things better, be Strong and Softer, be self sufficient, protect my Soul House, enjoy life, Live the Life I want not the one I don't, Stand up for myself, Don't settle for anything less than, Be authentic, be the Real Me, and continue to grow, enrich and improve, inspire and encourage.

In the effort of continuing to move forward and keep the momentum I have been reading 5 Love Languages for Singles by Gary Chapman.

One thing I always have a hard time with is talking. I know how to, though inevitably all my life I have been told I stick my foot in my mouth, I am too harsh, I need to be softer, I need to talk less, or I need to be kinder in my words. This shocks me as well as others when I falter because I hear so often that I am a good person and can light up the world, but there are oft times these moments when my foot ends up in my mouth or I hurt people with things I say.

In the Lobe Language book it speaks of Words of...

Words of Appreciation
Words of Affirmantion
Words of Kindness

It talks about keeping a notebook of examples of these so they are tools you have available. I covered my new notebook all pretty and stated it last night. Today I went searching for Words of Kindness and ran across this blog...

Knowledge from Words of Kindness
Before you speak ask yourself: Is what I am about to say going to uplift the hearer? Will it inspire, motivate, and create forward momentum for them? Will it dissolve fear and create safety and trust? Will I create a positive or negative ripple effect by speaking out these words?

I will take this as a part of my Forward Continuum and keep wishing to do as they say in Meet the Robinsons...



  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    You recognize what you need to do...and you will succeed. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

  2. Anonymous1:56 PM

    In all your research, and your earnest wishing, you have begun the journey...keeping on your forward continuum you will be the best you you can be! Your words will say exactly what you mean to say, in the manner that others can hear the meaning. As you wish for yourself, so i wish for you also.

  3. I really admire you and all that you are doing to move forward. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

  4. As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you!

  5. Awesome that you are learning and growing! As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  6. Perfectly aligned wishing and intention!

    As you wish for yourself I so lovingly wish this for you also. xx

  7. Dear Trisha,

    I love your post and what you are doing to bring positive words and words of appreciation more into your life.

    I appreciate the depth and heart of what you’ve written here. You have obviously given this subject a lot of thought and it’s great that you’re sharing yourself with others. You’re truly making a difference in the world. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    To your magnificence!

    Andrea Woolf
    Founder, Ignite Your Life Book
    Co-Founder, Wake Up Abundant
    Ambassador of Manifest Money,