Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Am I Looking Forward To?

What AM I looking forward to? I was reading The Art of Non-Conformity as I sometimes do and the blog that was sitting my mailbox posed to me this question. I have filled my life with such inspiring blogs and words and people that sometimes it amazes me. I feel compelled to answer this out to my readers.

He has three categories that he answers which make me thus want to answer in the same manner-Short Term, Mid Term and Long Term.

In the Short Term I am looking forward to Omaha Fashion Week. I have wanted to get into fashion for so long that this almost seems surreal to me. It is odd to say that since I modeled and I write a Fashion Blog and Site called Sensafashion and have been a part of the industry in a different capacity. But that is exactly what I mean. I have been on one side of it. The model side. I have been in Fashion shows and done print work. I have been asked to be in a local paper and I have been asked to be a Tradeshow Model to look pretty and hand out flyers. But I have not been on the "Other" side. For OFW I get to be a Designer Liaison and help the Designers. I get to see what it is like for those "working" the show. I have some designs I create as well so I think this is two fold being able to see what Styling and being a Liaison is about and to see what the Designers put out and go through if I someday want to take either of thsoe two next steps in my life.

In the Mid Term I am looking forward to a decision about my contract. I still have a few months on it until my 720 hours has been fulfilled and it would be nice to know if they want to hire me, continue my contract, or if I will go back to focusing solely on my Non Profit for the Homeless. Right now it is a way to pay off bills and save money for my Non Profit so it serves a good purpose, but a decision in a few months would be nice.

In the Long Term I am looking forward to so many things but ultimately Continued Progression. I mean that I have made so many changes in my life and grown so much. I don't want it to stop. I want to continue to grow in this manner and live this way. The new stronger softer thicker skinned resilient me! Funny how Chris and I are in line with continued learning, growing, progressive way of thinking. I love like-minded individuals!

I do look forward to other things that I feel one day will come but I don't see them in any Category. I don't know where they will fit or if they will fit in my life but I look forward to the thought that they might, as well as the feelings that come with it. To some these are dreams, but to me they are as tangible as the hand in front of my face.

The un-categorized things I look forward to are:

I look forward to getting a new car
I look forward to having my Non-Profit be a reality
I look forward to having a home of my own
I look forward to someone asking me to share my life with them
I look forward to paying off my bills
I look forward to having an online class of my own to share
I look forward to retiring
I look forward to traveling again
I look forward to life...

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