Monday, March 05, 2012

Trying New Things

While I am here I am not only willing but hoping ans asking to try new things. Many of those things I would never do before stating I was weak or frail or someone like me could NEVER do that! Well, it just so happens I got the chance to do  few of those things.

4 Wheel Snow Plowing!

The ATV had a cover and is a utility 4 wheeler and my friend Cindy showed me how to maneuver it so we could snow plow her Log Hill house that is up in the mountains. If we don't plow it on a regular basis the snow would be there until June she said! WOW!

I took my camera with me so we could even document the adventure!

Me the hick in the plow
The road I helped plow

Homemade jerky I made her stop by

Then today we went back up to the hill and went shooting. Cindy set up the targets and taught me the basics of shooting. Holding a gun, learning the basics of a gun and shooting were towards the top on my bucket list. I had a fun day and released a lot of fears.

This little snubnose 38 was my fav

Cindy setting up the target
the guns outside on the tarp

the board for our butts :)

The target

My ear cover
The target after we both were done

Me with a Hunting Rifle (this was heavy but I hit my target)

Semi Automatic (kept sticking but fun for what I got to shoot)

Snubnose .38 (my fav)
The shells afterwards
Exploring new things has been fun for me but even more so being able release fears about things like guns that I had has been an amazing experience for me. I continually hear that if you do things you are afraid of in life, it will help you in other areas of your life, like work, business, etc.

Little by little I am releasing those fears and learning about new things I have always wanted to do and try.

I drove an ATV before when I visited Colorado another time and that one was more recreational than this one, where this was more utility. IT was harder to hold, but still fun. I think I would really like to do 4 wheeling more often.

I enjoyed shooting the guns and now want more than ever to go to a concealed weapons class as well as learn how to skill shoot a handgun and also how to skeet shoot.

The "Miss Priss" in me before believed others when they said I couldn't' do this or wouldn't' like it. Well, what do they know. In fact, I loved it! ALOT!

Over and over I am reminded by these things to not believe what others say to you and to stop swallowing it whole. I need to be me, myself. I need to stand up for myself and be how I want to be. I need to stand up for myself and do the things I want to do.

The people in my life are either going to accept that, or they can just get outta my soul house! :)

One step at a time I am getting my Bad Ass, Kick Ass together.

Watch out I come!

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