Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vision of Future Life

Found another old email about my vision of what it was supposed to be like. Part of it is true at least...

In the morning you wake and I go fix your tea in our quaint little2 story  home that I adore. I am 50s housewife style. I get your work things ready for the day and you go about yoru morning. You leave for work and I go about my day being wifely. I do the laundry and clean various parts of the house that need cleaning, I do little projects around the house, I may garden in the back yard, or paint or art things in my craft room, I might bake muffins or cookies for events etc, it could be a day I have clients or do my volunteer activities outside the house, toward the evening I prepare for you to come home and I may go to a little farmers market close by to get bagueetes and fresh fruits and veggies and then prepare ana amazing meal for you.

When you come home you go kiss me and go change into relaxing clothes and do relaxing things such as autogenic phrases or read and such. We eat dinner at our quaint little dining room table with place settings for two and  chat about our day. We help each other clean up and giggle and chat. We put on comfy shoes and gather hands to go for a walk out to the beach of lake Michigan in Racine and walk slowly enjoying the calm.

Sometimes talking sometimes jsut enjoying the breeze and the elements. Sometimes we may go get your family to walk with us and enjoy the company. At times I skip along and find pebbles ro shells and rocks and giggle and laugh. I turn to see a smile upturned on your mouth. We spend Sundays lazy together and we love each others company.

This is what I see with life with us.

Is the rest going to?

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