Monday, April 14, 2014

Shiny Happy People are Like Rocks

I live my life very happy and very shiny. I like to be luminous and sparkle and sprinkle glitter of joy in my path. I desire to leave pennies of love and light and happiness behind me imagining that the joy I exude and leave behind is somehow being picked up by others like they are hunting for Easter Eggs or something. The imagery of this even as I type this thought makes the corners of my mouth turn up. Because I often hear how others say to me "You live life so abundantly" or  "I live vicariously through you" and one day I posted a thought...

"I live vicariously through myself"

profound, but true

Happiness is a state of mind and my mind is never where it should be. To some this is a bad thing, yet to me, it is a wonderful adventure in a  Disney-ese presence of mind. Something we learn from Disney movies however is there is often an evil person, a person has to go through some sort of struggle, but in the end there is a happy ending and it all works out.

I know you are thinking, "honey, life don't work that way" does...

A shiny rock, a gem, a diamond etc was once a piece of coal. The rock was not always shiny.

Rocks were once just a meager ole normal rock.
Then it underwent some sort of refining.
A lot of sand and grit had to pass over them over and over and over and...over.
It had to endure that rough gravel constantly scraping on it and scratching it and buffing it out.
After a very long time, some decades, the rocks starts to shine.
Unless you keep up this process the rocks only stays partly shiny and depending on how you treat it and take care of it, it could go dull again.
To be the utmost shininess it can be, it has to keep undergoing this process

Some rocks have a false shine. They are super shiny when wet and appear shiny, but then they dry out and lose their sparkle. To be truly shiny a rock MUST undergo this type of treatment.

I am using Rocks as an example to ourselves.

For a person to be shiny they must undergo this treatment or process in life. A person may wake up and be a shiny person as a youth, but life happens and they don't stay that way. just like Wet rocks. They are not True Shiny People.

No, for this effect to really take effect to be the most happiest they have to go through the grit, and grind and abrasiveness of life and overcome that. Each time overcoming they become a bit more shiny. The more they endure the shinier they are.

If you understand this logic then you would understand that there are times when the rocks are dull. They start out dull, simple rocks and then get shiny. People must undergo this same thing which means that there are times, when people are not shiny. they are dulling and may need to go through the process again to keep up their shine. With this logic, it would go to say that then it is by means in life that we must endure adversity if we desire to be like the shiny happy people.

Now perhaps, you don't want to be a shiny person. Maybe you are happy being artificially shiny, like a wet rock. Maybe you have gone through some things and decided "That good enough. I am enough shiny now" and stop. Maybe you did not feel you could endure anymore of the shining process. I understand it happens. That choice is up to you.

I desire to make you aware however, that if you want to be a true SHINY HAPPY PERSON you MUST endure the process. YOU MUST. This is life. This is how it works.

These adversities in our life build our character. They make us who we are. They embody us, the build us up or tear us down. They give us strength if we let it, they help us to grow and they help us to be stronger and yes, SHINY.

So if you desire to be one of those  HAPPY SHINY PEOPLE the reality is you MUST ENDURE the tumbling.


Which type of ROCK do you want to be, is the question?

Until Next time,
XOXO Trisha Trixie

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