Sunday, July 08, 2012

Inspiration Boards and other Visual Stimuli

One of my favorite Coaches as well as blogger, Stephanie St. Clair from Blissbombed is soon going to have a class on Inspiration Boards. When I saw her post about it, I looked around my room and deeply smiled! Not only do I believe in Inspiration Boards, but I believe in quotes, phrases and anything else that is Visual Stimuli for your soul.

I grew up with post it notes and lipstick writings of inspiration from my mother on my bathroom windows, lunch boxes and notebooks. I took the cue and started jotting things down to remember and keep the older I was.

Last year ago I started learning more about Dream Boards and Art through Healing from Brave Girls Club. This transitioned into learning more about Full Moon Boards from Jaime Ridler at Ridler Studios. The Jen Allen at Right Brain Business Plan had us to visual mappings as entrepreneurs to get us in the right mind frame.As the year progresses I learned more and more about canvases, books, boards, etc for Visual Inspiration. Through the teaching I found Carolyn Rubenstein's A Beautiful Ripple Effect and started gathering quotes and pasting them with mod podge like a mad woman for more inspiration. I joined Goddess Leonie's circles and made Visual Permission Slips to see every day. I followed Danielle La Porte's blog and print and post her words at work, in my car and at home for encouragement. I started following Brene Brown's Ordinary Courage and took her words and put them in my SOAR journal as we as the wonderful writing and learning I gathered from my SOAR class itself.

Then the universe led me to Stephanie St. Claire and Blissbombed. After  hard break up and an uncertainty I couldn't bear, I followed her blog, read her old blog and gladly signed up for the Daily Note Card to hear her words. I took her Bad Ass Broad Workshop and it was the best thing for me to kick me ass into gear and get me back on track with my life. And yes, I even made a Bad Ass Board to keep her words in my head at all times as well as a Hell No and Hell Yes Board from her blog of the same.

I still have written on my Mirror "I am a Bad Ass Broad!" and whenever I clean my mirror, I reqite it to remind me!

The words on boards, on post it notes, on mirrors, in my cube at work, in my car, in my wallet and on my walls...well they inspire me. They are like friends to my soul. I know what blog or person said each canvas or note I am reading. These words make me smile. They lift me up. They help me go about my day. They help me when I am down. They make me smile more when I am happy. They are my life. I would not be able to live without them.

In my fury over my ex dumping me at the begging of the year I tore everything off my wall and threw it to the floor of my studio. I felt despair and loss. The items stayed on my floor for three days. My roommate said "Are you ok? Your walls are as blank as your heart seems."  That was the truth. I went away for solace and understanding and while I was gone little by little did I start to rebuild these quotes and images and boards. When I came back two months later, I promptly put the images back up and little by little have been adding to my walls.

Those who know me, know this is me. These quotes and inspirational words are my life force.

To those who may think that it is unlike you, or you are just not the type of person who care about these things, I say to you, just try.  Having the words in front of you, in your vision, in your life...I truly believe they make a difference. They have made a difference in mine, just like the women who site these blogs have made a difference by sharing their words, learning and understanding with the world and inadvertently me, have done the same. I gain nothing by sharing this with you. I don't have stock or affiliates with any of these. I am a believer and that is all.

Below are my walls and inspiration Boards I wanted to share with you and hope you can enjoy the feeling they have given me and maybe open up your mind to it all if it was closed. Enjoy the show of life.  Focus on what you love and what you desire to help move you forward in life. If you are open in the tinyeswt bit, I believe it will change you...

Trisha Trixie


  1. You are so right. I too have experience similar things through a different venue. An extremely important person in my life went through such inner turmoil and grief they wished death upon themselves in their despair over their lack of self-worth. I, in turn, impelled them to see what other see with "empowering messages". To this day that dear soul remembers this and it inspires them to go forward even when there seems to be no purpose to the path.

  2. Thank you for sharing all this with us, Trisha! I recognized some Soar quote clippings! I'm a firm believer in deriving wisdom from those who've gone before us and those who still walk with us...there are so many quotes that I've found inspirational, and that I deeply contact with! Hugs!