Friday, February 27, 2015

Soundtrack and a Score

Music moves me. Not like it moves a lot of people, but it moves me in such a way that every lyric, every line has meaning for me.

I have sent You Tube Videos and songs from Spotify or Pandora to people and they are like "um, ok, thanks" in the way that they don't get it. The don't get why I sent them that song. They don't get it, because they don't listen. They don't listen to the lyrics and they don't listen with their heart.

To me, music is buried deep within my soul.

Every song, every lyric has meaning to me.

Some songs make me happy, their beat, their words, everything about it. I feel alive and energized when I hear them. I want to dance in my car or have a dance party at home because of them.

Some songs make me sad and move me to remember saddness in my life, like the loss of a loved one, in death or in life, the loss of a friend or the loss of a love in my life through breakups or divorce.

Other songs, reach deep into my soul and move me to the core. Their essence is alive in me. I want to share it. I want someone else to know how I feel.

And then there are songs I want to share. Those things are songs that have meaning and that I desire to share with others. However, there are not many people I CAN share with because most people don't GET IT.

If you find yourself among those I share a song with and you don't WANT me to do that or don't understand why, please let me know. If you are someone I share a somng with and you DO GET IT and like that, please also let me know.

Music is important to me.

I live my life with a soundtrack in my head a score in my soul

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