Thursday, December 15, 2016

How I Plan to Beat Cancer : Supplements

One of the things that HUNEPANTS got right onto was research what will help kill cancer and one of the main things he found was supplements. Right after I was home from surgery that removed my tumor, was he bought me and asked me to take herbal supplements he found that he found beats or kills cancer. So I responded. Ok.

If you wonder why I am writing all this on my blog is for two reasons.

One: I want to have someplace I talk about all this so if other are going through this too, they have someone to look at that has been through it.

Two: I want to have a place to track this like as if I am in a study. I am willing to try these and other things and want to record all of it, so there is a backing of proof or falsity of doing the things that I am researching and trying, that I keep hearing is more beneficial than Chemo.

Here are the supplements I am taking and have been taking since right after my surgery:

  • Ashwaganda: Kills any cancer in me now
  • Astragulus: Kills any NEw cancers that might try to form
  • Probitic (one with 30 micro living organisms in each pill): Keeps my gut flora healthy
  • Eluthero: For healing my surgery internal and external
  • Vitamin A: Helps my cracked hands and cracked ips
  • Vitamin B12: Energy booster and cancer fighter
  • Multivitamin: Because my appetite is low and I may not be getting everything I need
  • Tumeric Extract: #1 in cancer fighting
  • Two various Chinese herbs from my Chinese Medicine Doctor
    • Xio Yow Wan
    • Gu Pi
These are just the ones I am starting to do now. I may end up doing more. But this is just a start.

I am gonna fight this with everything I've got!

Xo Trisha Trixie

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