Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Cancer Waiting Game

I had my PET CT scan Monday. It was different. At Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, they don't have a stationary scanner. They have a mobile unit so it can go to all the Cancer Centers. Monday was the day they were in Lone Tree, Co.

Hunepants got off work early and picked me up to take me. He wouldn't park where I wanted so I knew I could get to the center and I got a little grouchy. (I feel for him. I have so many emoitions running through me right now, I feel like Jekyl/Hyde. the quote from Forrest Gump comes to mind..."You just never know whatchu gonna get!"

We figured our way around but I was a few minutes late.

The financaial lady came in and informed us that since we had met our deductible this year that this cost was $6,400 but it was fully paid by insurance....

(I dearly hope so after at $157,000 hospital stay, Gi $6,000 and paid a surgeon $6,000 not to mention all the other doctor visits I have had this year to try to figure this out to this point)

Then the male nurse cam in to explain and set up my IV  and took my blood sugar which was 80 at the time. I shrugged and asked if that was good and he said yes. Then he had me take my coat and we went outside then into the mobile unit.

Then I sat in a recliner and he put a crapton of blankets on me and turned on the chair heat. Then he gave me some Radioactive Sugar and had me sit there for it to kick in. Halfway through he gave me some water to drink. Before the scan I went to the bathroom again so I put on my coat and ran back inside, went tinkle then back outside to the mobile unit. (very cold)

Then he had me take off any large metal items, glasses, earrings (to be safe), my colon cancer pins, however, had me leave my nose stud in (so odd)

Then slowly and I mean very very slowly I went in through the scanner. First they sent me all the way through so my head was sticking out the top. Which was ok. I didn't have any issues there. But then, when it got down to my head being in the tiny little tube, I panicked! I had a panic attack and started crying and trying not to move. I called out "hello" in the mic and he came in to comfort me. He said "Only a minute and half. You're doing great!" I didnt feel great, plus I had to tinkle again.

When it was done and I came all the way through, he saw that I was crying and he said "Oh my, I am sorry, I didn't realize you were having that much issue. Are you ok?" I told him I was. I dried my eyes and then put my coat back on and he walked me back to the building. I went tinkle but Hunepants was nowhere to be found. Then we realized he had pulled up next to the mobile unit so I didn't have to be outside long. (so sweet)

Then Hunepants took me home.

Now it is the waiting game.

It is now Wednesday and I still haven't heard anything from them about my results. They said if I haven't heard by Wednesday to call them. I have multiple appointments today and need to fit that in as well as call the GI doctor today because there has been a LOT of blood in my stool again.

Now we are not sure if it is something internal or just my thrombosis hemorrhoids again.

In normal world, most people would write things off. But as a Cancer patient, everything is susceptible. It's annoying as heck.

So until then, I will keep busy today, and somewhere in between contact places and doctors for results.

Until then...I will wait.

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