Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Are you Ready to RISE?

I will never know what it is to be of another race
I will never know what is to face that life.
I will never know what it means to struggle in the face of THOSE adversities.
I will never be Black, or Asian, or Hispanic, or Latino, or anything other than white.
I will never be able to put myself in YOUR shoes in those cases.
I will never know what it means to be judged by those standards.
I will never say I understand because I don't.

I have however been molested, raped, beaten, abused, homeless, lost custody of my children when they were young, lost a father when I was young, faced suicide, suffered anorexia, and now had cancer.

I may not always understand or empathize with your struggle, your trial, your strain of adversity, but I have had quite my own.

I can empathize with that.

I have overcome all that life has thrown at me.
You can overcome that too.
You can overcome ANYTHING you face.
Life is a set of hurdles and obstacles.
We are in the race of life to win.
Face your fears.
Face your adversities.
Face life, love
You do not have to be in the constant pursuit of happiness.
It is already there, waiting for you to see it.

Life is beautiful.

It is up to YOU to own that fabulous inside of you.

"I have suffered much in life. In fact, that is the biggest understatement of every century in every existence I have ever known and I am not kidding. I found myself by finding what I didn't want and what I did through dating, business, entrepreneurship, and more. I overcame; I was not just burnt, I was singed. I truly believe I went through the refiner's fire and I was left with nothing but ashes. I rose from the ashes and I came out a Phoenix." ~Trisha Trixie Hunter-Merrill

It's time to RISE UP.

Are you ready to rise?

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