Tuesday, July 04, 2017

The stories we tell

The stories we tell

What stories do you tell yourself
What stories do you tell others
What stories will you leave behind

These are things I think of every single day.

There are the truths we tell ourselves
There are the truths we tell others
There are the truths we leave behind

Then there are lies.
Perhaps you don't mean for them to be lies,
Yet they are lies still

Perhaps you DO mean to share your lies
Perhaps you are seeking sympathy
Perhaps you are seeking empathy
Perhaps you don't even know why you tell those lies.

Some say they have an inner Mean Girl/Mean Guy inside
Some say they have back talk they do to them self
Some say they have no reason why they just do

Stop telling yourself lies
Stop letting the MeanGirl/Mean Guy win
Stop allowing yourself to back talk to yourself

You have so much to offer this world
You have great, insurmountable truths inside you
You do not need to tell yourself or anyone else those lies anymore

Let others love you
Let others see the REAL you
Let others see your Fabulousness!

You are amazing!
You are wonderful!
You are Fabulous!


I hear you saying under your breath more words of untruth.

No more lies.

Today, we speak the truth.
Today, we stop telling lies.
Today, we own our fabulousness!

Now go forth and Be Fabulous!
Today, Tomorrow, and Always.

I love you! <3


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