Saturday, July 01, 2017

Matthew West - My Own Little World (Official Music Video)

I've been caught up
in my own little world
I have only been
population me
I do my best at church
I give as much as I can
But I always remember
there is a bigger picture
I am living my bigger purpose
outside my own little world
with my thoughts
my messages
my quotes
my life
I see that homeless widow
They are a face of a human
What are YOU doing?
Do you look them in the eye
or just pass them by
There is a greater purpose
Are you living it?
Outside your own little world?
Or is it all about you?
My heart breaks
when yours breaks
My own little world
is not about me
There is a bigger picture
Are you missing out?
Stop living in your own little world...

It means more....
It should mean more...
Homeless lives matter
Black lives matter
All lives matter



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