Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rituals For Transformation: Dragontree

There are only 5 days left to preorder Rituals For Transformation. Join The Dragontree on this journey, and forever remember THIS summer as the summer as the summer you began your journey of real change. 108 days of ritual, meditation, introspection, opening, growing and learning. Embody your highest self, and create unshakeable happiness in your life.

To thank you for helping The Dragontree bring this book into the world, they are including the Dragontree Guided Meditation Collection and their Well Life: Foundation course with every preorder. And if they reach 2,500 pre-orders, Peter and Briana will host a live, online opening ceremony to help you help you plant the roots of your 108-day transformation. It'll be a time to connect and meditate with each other and to gather the tools you'll need to continue if you feel stuck or ready to stop this journey to which you’ve committed.

The Dragontree can't wait to begin this movement with you.

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