Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to Non-Conformity-Here's to the Waves!

As some of you may know I am an avid follower of the Art of Non-Conformity. In the recent newsletter I read something that sparked this post I wanted to share with you. Being a Non-Conformist is not easy as I have said before. In his newsletter Chris said he was referring to someone he was talking to at a concert for Ani di Franco...

"Later I heard from someone who said she didn't understand why so many people were interested in this movement. I've been doing these things for years on my own! she said.

I said that's great... if you have never had a
family who doesn't understand, or experienced other people making plans for you, or been pressured to do something that would put your dreams on hold, good for you. You are the fortunate exception. (And if that's really the case, I also think you should raise the stakes a little, because where much is given, much is required.)

For most of us, non-conformity isn't something we make a single choice for or against. It's a process of adjusting our life, learning to be comfortable with change, and understanding that we probably have more opportunities than we initially think."

The majority of my friends and family don't get it. They don't understand why I keep coming up with ideas and buying licenses for business and trying so hard to be an Entrepreneur. They don't get why I don't just "work for the man" and go to work every day like a "normal" person. Well, the short end of it, is I am not NORMAL. :)

I am not ready to give up yet. yes , I said YET. I recognize that I am getting worn down. I am starting to feel the effects of trying and failing taking it's toll on me. but I was successful once. I felt it. I lived it. I feel like I can be there again. BUT my definition of success has changed. now I beleive in following my passion and if you follow that passion, the true success will follow. people will desire to help you, money will flow in as needed.

The other line Chris said on his blog was "Ani has the technique and the skills to go along with the passion—but if you can only have one, I think it’s better to choose the passion. Other things will come along later, but passion is hard to fake. And that's why we need people like you, who find their own way to offer something of their own that is bold, passionate, and inspiring for the rest of us."

I fully agree. Many people who meet me and get to know me say I am a passionate person. It is "in me". I think it was instilled in me as a child and it never left. Chris is right. You can't fake passion. I think that is like Drive.

Drive and Passion. 

Either you have them or you don't. I don't think they are teachable. I don't think you can train someone to have them. The person either has them or they don't. It is as simple as that. I do think sometime you can get people to the AHA moment when they realize their passion or realize their potential and then start driving. But it was always in them. They just didn't see it in that case.

I have that passion. I have that drive. For now, I refuse to conform. I am going to "keep on keeping on".

Another blog I follow is called Working for Good. In this Ketith mentions the journey and how sometimes we crash and fall and how we jsut have to get up again.

"As I reflect on my journey through this year, and on the entrepreneurial journey in general, I recognize these moments of heading towards a nose-dive and, essentially without thought, adjusting to catch a wave – moving into flow.Sometimes we crash and have to get up again (another powerful practice with its own value and beauty), but there is something profound about the mind/body’s ability to adjust to facilitate our ongoing movement, growth, and development.
Here’s to the waves!"

Here's to the Waves. The waves of Non-Conformity! The waves of Entrepreneurship! The waves of being myself! The waves of standing up for what I beleive in! The waves of believing in my Truths! The waves of following the Truths! The waves of  going for it!

I agree. Here's to the Waves! CHEERS!

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