Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Circus Act in Dating

Being back in the dating world is very interesting, odd and somewhat like a Circus. Many things going on at one time, people spinning plates trying to get your attention, the bearded lady who isn't really what she appears to be, the elephant man with his deformed ways or views or sometimes appearance, and then of course the Main Event, the one who tried to be the showstopper.

I usually prefer to just go along the boardwalk and see what is out there, but inevitably I end up going home unsatisfied and disgusted at what is there. Most times now, I prefer to not even go to the Circus at all. The acts are all just that to me, ACTS! Who can dazzle me the most? Who can capture my attention? Who can be the most appalling is more like what it seems.

The most outrageous things get said to me on these dates, or otherwise implied. do guys really think a respectable female would ever go on a long trip with them, or go back to their place after the 1st date? Has our dating world really turned into this much of a Circus? It amazes me yes. I am appalled. I stand there with my mouth open and wonder if what happened really happened or did I hear it or see it wrong?

Did you really just ask me that?

I end up wondering if the women of today really are open to this type of debauchery and if so, what a horror it is and how terrifying! More scary that watching the High Flying Trapeze artists fly through the air with no net. That is how this experience is starting to turn out for me. I feel like I am flying with no net.

Who is going to be there to catch me when I fall? Who can I trust to catch me? Is there anyone? I stand leery on the edge of the platform looking over and find myself stepping backwards and going down the ladder to the safe ground. Most of these men are not only on the other side saying "It's ok, jump over" but they are also wolves in sheep's costume waiting to feed off  Little Red Riding Hood!

The safest place for me is to not even go to the Circus. I do get lured into going though because it all seems so dazzling but not when invited to go, I go because it is something to do more than it is the enjoyment of it. They all seems to have the same act and same dance and a few of them are appalling, but in the end, I just want to sit at home with someone else and watch it from my TV and when I get bored I can change the channel to hockey or something else more appealing. :)

But alas, I need to endure this outrageous circus performances for awhile because my safety net has not been put back up yet and it make take sometime before that happens. The net needs mended, maybe a few new stitches thrown in and perhaps a few different colors added to make it safe for both performers. I don't know if it truly ever will, but I beleive it will and that is all that matters to me. I am still a Trapeze Artist in Training and lately have been standing on the platform.

" A flying act, she says, is built on trust — but first, each artist needs individual strength and training." (NPR Trust and Training) "Their life literally is in each other's hands,", "so if they don't trust each other, we have a big problem."

Trapeze Artists say the trust they've developed comes from talking to each other a lot whether they're on the ground or "up there." Trapeze Artist Shapin explains, "We always speak. We have fun, [tell] jokes. Sometimes if I have [a] good song, I give it to him and we're singing together, even when we're up there."

Trapeze Artists calls the time they spend at the highest point of the big top "privileged."

One day I will be PRIVILEGED to fly again...until then I guess it is Circus Time....

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  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    So true thats why most women stay in bad relationship. cause you already know thats up.
    dont have to go thur all the changes of being what your not.