Friday, April 08, 2011

My Destiny-H4H

I feel like I am finally doing what God intended me to do :) Heroes4theHomeless

The song says I didn't stop. I didn't give up. I never lost hope. It is a dream come true. It's funny how different life turned out to be.

I feel that way. It is funny how different life turned out to be. I started this year thinking I was going to do more with my Social Media business but nothing has really progressed in that venture and things really have not moved in that direction. I didn't really know why. But now I do. god had different plans for me. Isn't that usually the case?

Now, I am finally doing my Destiny. Since I started this project back in 2007 under the Des Moines Jaycees it meant a lot to me.  My second ex-spouse and I had struggled previously and we had suffered. In the past I had lived in my car, joined  a gym so I could take shower, parked at Walmart in our SUV or at a grocery store that was open all night so we would be able to use the bathroom if needed, or we parked near restaurant that were open all night as well for that and for food. I have scrimped off food stamps when I was younger with my first husband and after I left him I lived out of my Chevy Nova. Sadly I have been homeless a few times and I know how fast one's life can turn from rose to beets in a  heartbeat.

If you think you are exempt from it, think again. You are on to two paychecks away from being homeless yourself. You are one earthquake or one fire in your home from losing it all. You are one divorce if things were to go sour or one death in your family. Tragedy happens when you least expect and in ways you least expect it. It happens mostly when you are the ones whoa re saying "it will never happen to me." Sadly, YOU are the ones it does happen to.

I used to be in charge of our Emergency Preparedness in our church so my second husband and I were able to survive for months on the food storage we had, the water saved up and the items we learned to store. It taught me how to provide for myself but it also gave me an understanding of how to provide for others. It taught me how to ask for donations and how to take care of another.

With that skill my brain started thinking of Heroes4theHomeless. It only started as a little project but it grew and grew. When I moved to Omaha and I took it to the Omaha Jaycees it grew so big I had to divide up my donations between shelters and missions because I had so much. I won awards for it and it became massive.

I have always felt like God, a higher power, whatever you want to call it was telling em to do more wit this. I felt like I was being groomed for helping the homeless and that the life and things I was experiencing and the connections and training I was learning about connections was leading me to this point in my life. Little by little things started falling into place. Classes I took like Right Brain Business Plan and Sparkles, Goddess Leonie and Soul Restoration all were leading me into positive and encouraging directions to leap into life and go forward toward my goals and dreams and passions. To listen deeply to the truths and what my heart what saying. my heart was saying "The homeless need you. You understand them. They connect with you. you connect with others. You can help them in ways others can't. You need to do this.You need to do this now" 

When you feel strong urges like this and don't listen I think you are really doing yourself a disservice honestly. I think you are also keeping something from someone that you could be helping and I couldn't do that to the homeless community. I have been in my office ONE WEEK this week and we have done so much in this one week it amazes me. I have only been talking to people about it for two weeks and already people are saying they have heard of me. I went home last night with another beaming smile across from face from the Director of The Center who has given me an office for free to work with them on their Homeless Outreach in conjunction with my program.

She said "These are the things Trisha has done and she has done this without funding! Could you imagine what she can do once she HAS money!?"

I couldn't help but smile. I am so grateful to God for giving me the knowledge to be able to do these things. I am grateful to God for allowing me to be homeless a few times in my life so I have empathy for the people in their current situations. I praise and thank God for granting me the connections I have and the ability and capacity to network and be who I am and be social and outgoing so I may use my talents for good and reach out into the community to be able to help the homeless to fill their needs. I am dearly thankful to God for everything he has given me up to this point and everything he will give me going forward. I know this road will not be easy, but I dearly know it will be worth it.


Because this is my Destiny. :)

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