Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not Picked on Picked Out

Life is hard. Some of us had had some pretty hard things happen to us in life and I know I am one of them. My life alone has not been an easy one. I have had many bad things happen to me. I have had many bad things happen around me. I have one of those lives that things keep happening. I have had people tell me Drama follows me. I have been beaten, raped, molested, abused, torn, broken-hearted. Push down, shoved out, accused, lied to, spit on, broke down, and most of my life teased or picked on.

Yesterday I have a very rough day. Car broke down, my bank account went over draft for something not my fault, ended up doing a job at work I hate, I had no AC in the middle of a heat wave in my car and melted home after getting car partly fixed, and for most people, they said on my Facebook they would have called it a day and hid under the covers. Not me. God gave me all of that to happen for a reason.

In my devotional today it talked just about this very thing. I have had a life that psychologists and counselors and doctor's have asked me "How did you survive?" "How did you make it through?", "How have you gone mad?"

Because...I have Faith.

God allows things to happen. Many times because he not only knows we can do it, but yet he CHOOSES us to be the one to go through it. Sometimes we endure so that another will not have to, perhaps so others will learn and grow from our experiences. God entrusted that suffering to me because he also has FAITH in me.

SO you see, this I have learned...I was not Picked On, but Picked Out. God entrusted this suffering to me. Now what am I going to do with it.

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