Saturday, July 09, 2011

What I have been doing in Soul Restoration 2

I have been keeping busy in all my endeavors as well as the other Summer Class I am doing and realized I haven't said much about SR2. That is because I have been so busy leading the "Life I Want" that I haven't been on the computer as much, which is good.

Shown below are some of the projects we have been doing and I have been working on

Things I want to Learn or Skills I want to acquire
 I want to take Piano Lessons, I want to Learn to Sew clothes, I want to take Equestrian Training,
 I want to take French Lessons, I want to go Zip Lining somewhere and I want to learn how to Shoot a Gun and also learn Fencing plus there are more things I want to learn on the way...just wait for the surprise!

2nd half of Promise from Goddess Leonie

1st half of Goddess Leonie Promise

Goddess Leonie Promise
Dearest Goddesss,
Today, and everyday, you have permission.
You have permission
Today, and everyday, you have permission.
You have permission to let go of friendships that make you feel like shit.
You have permission to change. You have permission to not be the person you once were.
You have permission to be exactly how you are.
(For the rest of the PERMISSION list from Goddess Leonie CLICK HERE 

I made this to add to my wall as a Reminder....more info later

Vision Words I found in a mag-Now on my wall

Vision Board 1

Vision Board 2

Vision Boards
 WE were to make "a" Vision Board and well as usual I had too much to say so I made TWO Vision Boards. These words really speak to me and inspire me as well as the images below I found when looking for things for my boards and stuff to put inside my book.

Marilyn Monroe being carefree on the Beach

My inspiration stickers with a younger Marilyn Monroe on the Beach

The things I see before I walk out my door

ENOUGH by Melody Ross reprinted and I wrote ENOUGH across it
These items are important to me. They are important for me to see as I walk out my door. I also put two new tacks there so I could have my keys and my Camera close by. My Summer Wishlist  I did from Pink and Green Mama  blog is not covering the clock that doesn't work, my Goddess Leonie words are there to inspire me- 10 Key Habits, Gypsy Goddess, and What I want my home to be (From my Goddess Guidebook), my Des Moines Art Noir magnet is hanging off the clock as a reminder to always be Artistic, and a picture of Marilyn Monroe praying as a reminder to prayer before I walk out the door and to be thankful for the life I have.

I have been creating so much I was thinking today I need a camera that loads right to my blog once I take it and then I thought, duh that's what an Iphone is. Maybe one day I will get something fancy like that or another electronic device that does that, but for now, you just have to wait until I take them off my camera and post them to my blog. Enjoy the art I have done so far with SR2 and stayed tuned for more artistic creations. If you want to see what else I have been doing go to my Art Blog over here at Art a Day Keeps the Crazies Away

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  1. All wonderful projects! I collect Marilyn stuff. Love your photos:)