Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Pocket

I recently had some life changes again and so my blogs, artwork and some other things have been a bit neglected. That alone made me think of what becomes important to us in life sometimes.

When I am NOT working my world revolves Art, my friends, going to Conferences, writing on my Blogs and Facebook. When I am working on a contract my world revolves around my contract job and in the beginning nothing else. I have lost contract jobs in as little as one day, one week and even a month. Since I have been struggling financially lately, this job is very important to me and so everything else got shoved over and until I completed my first week I didn't really care about anything else.

Isn't it funny how our priorities can change like that? I think that goes along with what I learned in SR2, which funny enough also was was of the things I really didn't care about last week. I enjoy the insight it gave me, but my priorities were focused on a different goal and that was all that mattered.

Now, I think I have gotten a bit more used to my early schedule, I know what "the pocket" is that I have to leave West Omaha by to get to Midtown Omaha and the walking distance from my car to my desk in the proper amount of time to get there by 7:45am. Funny that it would matter but it is true. If I left at 7:10am I got there at 7:30am. But if I left at 7:17am I got there at 7:50am. So see there is a "pocket" of time that is just the right time. If you don't hit that "pocket" you are either too early or too late.

I think in life this also applies. We each have a "pocket" that things are the "right time" or we are just not ready yet or then it is too late. Trying to find that time in our lives is not easy. When is the right time to have a baby? When is the right time to retire? When is the right time to ask someone to marry you? When is the right time to leave a relationship? When is the right time to move forward in a relationship? When is the right time to start a new job? When is the right time to take a leap in life for your dream job or dream goal? When is the right time to let someone go? When is the right time to let someone let you go? When is it the right time...when is your "pocket"?

We have to asses the "pocket" and see if it fits. Is now that time? Are we ready? Have we prepared enough? Have we thought about everything it entails? Or is it too late? Also will there be another pocket or another time that will work better?

I don't think it is an easy answer. It has taken me all week to figure out which Interstate to go to work, which streets to go down, which zig zag way to go to get there, which zig zag way to go home and which pocket of time is going to get me there when I need to be. Even now, I have the best guess but there still is some "tweaking" that I have to do.

Even if you think you have found your pocket in life for what you are doing take another look because maybe it could use some tweaking too. I truly believe that if you haven't found the right pocket, that you will. I know someone who can tell you exactly how long it is going to take him to get home by the minute. How does he know that? Because he knows his pocket. He is assured of it. Wouldn't it be nice to be this assured about other "pockets" in our life? You can. It jsut might take some work to get there. You might have to try and try again.

Every single day I left at a different time, came home at a different time and took a different way each day. This is life. We have to try different things. Go different ways. Try out new people. Try out new adventures. Try out different times in our lives. Keep trying our different things and different ways until we hit the pocket just right.

Keep trying, keep working on it, you will find your "pocket" eventually.

I found mine for work. Now to find my "pocket" for other things in life....

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  1. hey I like ur words... Its good post, Thanks a lot of you for sharing ur thoughts.