Saturday, September 03, 2011

Fingers in Your Ears

How many of us have things crashing around us? The world feels like it is caving in. A hurricane. A tornado. Problems at work. Problems at home. The world feels like the bottom underneath has fallen out from under us and we are grappling and gripping teh sides to hang on?

Now how many of us were in some way, in some message in some sign that this was going to happen but we refused to listen? How many of us plugged our ears and sang "Lalala I can't hear you"?

I feel like many times we are given hints, warnings or those gut wrenching feelings about things in our life but we refuse to listen.

To some it is our Truthteller, our guide, our God, our Jehovah or the universe trying so desperately to guide us if we were only heed what is being told.

We feel those feelings and feel it in our bones. We know the answers before we ask them and we know the answers after we ask them. But we fail to listen to them because we want what WE want.

To me I liken this to a Driver's Ed course. There are two people in the car. Both have brakes and a steering wheel. The teacher tries to allow us to go the way we desire but sometimes we are making a wrong turn or a wrong choice. Thus he takes the wheel and steers for us. Or perhaps we are about to get into big danger and so he puts on the brakes when we don't. Instead of allowing this to happen sometimes we fight it. The teacher is steering us one way and we are trying to steer another. This can't happen. It doesn't work out.

We can't go back on those things that we "should have" known but only go forward. Tell yourself today that you are going to stop putting your finger in your ears.  Listen to those promptings. They will guide you on a positive path.

Those promptings are trying to lead us to a better life, a better relationship, a better us. They are trying to tell you to leap, to trust in them, to accept them.

Allow yourself to be transformed into something great. Allow the promptings to make you, your home, your life better. Allow yourself to be free again.

Remember though only you can listen for you. Other people have to hear and listen for themselves. You can't make them go your way just like the driver teacher couldn't make the car the way he desired it while you and he were still fighting over the steering wheel.

Take your finger out of your ears and start living life!

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