Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Year In Review: Courses in Life This Year

I started the year with one little E-Course and ended up throughout the year taking E-Course after E-Course and ended up reading signing up and taking any online book, guide or E-Course that I felt would help me on my path, one leading to the other. This is my year in Review of those Courses and Guides.

January 2011-Brave Girl's Soul Restoration One (6 week course)
February 2011-Finishing up BG SR 1, Truth Cards, truth Books and Promise Book, Operation Beautiful
March 2011-Right Brain Business Plan- Video Summit- Found other guest artist and business people I started following like The Art of Non Conformity, Ridler Studios, joined Just Be Yourself, Wishcasting Wednesday, The Artist's Way (for the 3rd time), Sparkles
April 2011-Continued on my training and E-learning and moving forward, Goddess Guidebook, learned about the word Grok (Grokkers, Grokking, etc-like minded Tribe), Working for Good
May 2011- Somewhere along the way found When I Grow Up Coach, Create Every Day, and  Soul Restoration 2
June 2011 and July 2011-Summer of Color, In the Sun, finished SR2
August 2011-Continued Wishcasting Wednesday, Goddess Guidebook, SR2, Wordless Wednesday, Eat-Pray-Love
September 2011- Declaration of You with Jessica Swift and Michelle Ward
October 2011-Finishing DOY, gearing up for NaNoWriMo, CED (Create Every Day)
November 2011- NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month 50,000 words in 30 days), CED-AEDM (Create Every Day-Art Evey Day Month)
December 2011-Year in Review of ADGB and AAD (As Days Go By)(Art a Day), Flickr, Goddess Circle for 2012

People who inspire me and their blogs (which I read so often I feel like their inspirings and musings are teaching as well)

Normal is a Setting on the Dryer
Brene Brown
Finding Your Voice of Truth
A Beautiful Ripple Effect
Be Myles Ahead
Dance With Everybody Watching
White Hot Truth
Pink and Green Mama
Willowing and Friends
Huldas Drawer
Kind Hearted Blogger
April Cole's Studios
Blessings in a Basket
Bushel and a Peck
Do What Matters Most

I tried to get all the one's I could remember. Sorry if I missed anyone. Please don't be afraid to let me know your blog so I can add it.Please don't take it personally, I just have so many I can't keep track, sometimes! LOL.

Maybe some of these links will help you find your place in this world...


  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    What a wonderfully inspirational year you have had!

    I start off 2012 with Brave Girls new Body Restoration 6-week program!

    And of course, I'll still be Wishcasting right alongside you in 2012 :)

  2. Thank you for your sweet mention! AND thank YOU for all of your help with FB and The Summer of Color - it just would not have been the same without you! Here's to 2012 - looking forward to more, xoxo