Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday-What is Your Deepest Wish?

What is your DEEPEST Wish?
This is the question Jaime Ridler gives to you today.

Oh such a simple sounding request to answer but such a loaded one to put together

Right now I have two things foremost on my mind: Business and Love

In Business I wish to get out the thumb of others and be able to fully run Warriors for the Homeless.
Out of all of the things I have created for business reasons, all the websites, all the small businesses, Warriors for the Homeless is the one that has my passion the most and I really want to make it successful and live from it and for it. I have lived homeless and it is not fun. It is not always by choice as other would believe. We are all roughly two paychecks away from being homeless.I want to help the cause and retire doing so.

In Love I wish for happiness. I wish to be with the person who treats me well all of the time. I wish to be with the person who cherishes me. I wish to be with the person who put me above all others. I wish to be with the person who buys me flowers because he wants to. I wish to be with the person who loves me for me. I wish to be happy. Truly elated, joyous and happy.

These, my friends, are my DEEPEST wishes. Above all else, I wish for these...