Saturday, December 10, 2011

A week of Rememberance

This week is often a hard week for me and sometimes my family as well.

December 7th, 1980 my father Art Hunter passed away. On December 10th, 1980 was his funeral. I was 10 years old, Bonnie was 13, Corinna was 15 and Martha was 17. Martha was living in Vegas by this time and was not in contact with our family so sadly she was not told and unaware that dad has passed.

Bonnie and Corrina were older than me and were allowed to see my father in the hospital. As I have said before this was hard for me to accept because I was NOT allowed to see him and so when I was at his funeral it was so unreal.

I remember my mother leaning over to me and commenting how there was a smile on his face like he knew something we didn't and sadly that did not ease my min, it only made me wonder more if he was "really" gone.

My father's birthday is around Thanksgiving so at time the pain starts there for me.

I was so young when he passed.

I was "Daddy's Girl" and I missed him so much.

Once I accepted his death things did not magically get easier. I remembered him more and thought about him more often during these weeks. The older I became though things have eased with time.

I am lucky enough to have sisters who to this day understand how hard it is for me. A mother who helps me remember good things about him as well as see him for the "real man" he was, not a fairy tale I had in my mind for years.

I am lucky enough to have friends and significant others who help ease the pain and make my life busy or tolerable at least so I move on with life and don't DWELL on the past.

Thank you to all of those and for those of you who alos miss those you love fathers or otherwise, remember the moments good or bad though remember to move on because life is happening now and that's what our loved ones would have wanted.


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