Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goddess Guidance Gearing Up

So if you haven't been watching, haven't been reading or haven't been looking you haven't been paying attention you do NOT know that I am gearing up for Goddess Leonie Goddess Circle. I signed up for the Circle, I have downloaded the Guidebook for 2012 and I signed up for The Radiant Circle starting in January. 

To get ready for 2012 I got out my markers and started in on my Guidebook...

 The first thing I needed to hear came right to me... Everything will be ok.

I put next to it the Books I wanted to read and the places I wanted to go from last year since most of that had not changed.


Right Brain Business Plan (I about about halfway and I want to finish it.)
Peace from Broken Pieces (over halfway)
Poke the Box (Almost done with it)

Places I want to go:

Hawaii and Greece. Someday I want to get married in one of those places.
Ireland, Canada
Corpus Christi
 I also downloaded The Complete Compendium of Everything Domestic Goddesses Need to Know!

A few things reached out and grabbed me:

You are safe to be who you are.
Do what makes your heart sing
Let your heart sing.
But most of all- Let Go of the Need for Imperfection- Embrace who you and your family are & what you are truly needing.

Let Go of the Need for Imperfection

 I started the pages about releasing 2011by listing what I was proud of myself for... like getting a new car
what I want to release & let go of my feelings of inadequacy, co dependency, loneliness, fear ; lessons I learned in 2011 and what dreams came true during 2011; how I was transformed by E- courses and The Declaration of You...
The incredible thing I discovered about myself in 2011 was I am inadequate, co dependent and I am not sure if I really can live without someone in my life...

But most of all how 2011 led me to Goddess Leonie. :)

 My page of gratitude is for my

E- Courses
Artwork I learned to create
My business
My friends and family
 I want to Invoke PEACE, I want to feel PEACE, I want to give myself PEACE in 2012

 In the midst of filling this out I was watching How I Met Your Mother and a quote jumped out at me and made me feel like what it was saying was possibly true. so I wrote it in my book..

"I haven't had the end of my Love Story yet, my perfect Love Story is still out there wait for me..."

I am deeming 2012 PROJECT TRISHA
If I had 5 lives these are what they would be...

My Motto: Escape Velocity

My Creative Goals

I started my Etsy Site. Now 3 more to go.

What I want to learn in 2012: PEACE

 Teachers I want in my Life: Goddess Leonie

Peace is a state of harmony characterized by the lack of violent conflict. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility, peace also suggests the existence of healthy or newly healed interpersonal or international relationships, prosperity in matters of social or economic welfare, the establishment of equality, and a working political order that serves the true interests of all.

Inner peace (or peace of mind) refers to a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress. Being "at peace" is considered by many to be healthy homeostasis and the opposite of being stressed or anxious. Peace of mind is generally associated with bliss and happiness.
Peace of mind, serenity, and calmness are descriptions of a disposition free from the effects of stress. In some cultures, inner peace is considered a state of consciousness or enlightenment that may be cultivated by various forms of training, such as prayer, meditation, t'ai chi ch'uan (太极拳, tàijíquán) or yoga, for example. Many spiritual practices refer to this peace as an experience of knowing oneself. Finding inner peace is often associated with traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Inner peace is also well known as the first of four concepts to living life in the acronym PLUR.

  • Peace – Hostility typically serves no purpose other than to defend an ego that is lacking inner peace. It is a common belief among the rave culture that violence is never the answer.
  • Love – Acts and feelings of goodwill towards all others. The exchange of gestures such as hugging can be seen in immense amounts at any rave; this being a way of "spreading the love."
  • Unity – We are all united in the human condition.
  • Respect – A person must show regard for the feelings of others through their actions and inaction, and one must have respect for oneself and environment.

Where I want to spend my Birthday in 2012

How I spend my time and how I want to spend my time
 I am planning a Facebook Break in January 2012. Google Plus, email and blogs only.

Word for the Year :PEACE

My Magnificent Mottos

Special DAys I am going to create for myself in 2012

My New Goddess Habits

In Case Of Suckies Strike

My De Suckify List

Develop a Morning Routine (using some bits from The Fly

The Cover of my Goddess Book with the Blissbomed Manifesto on Top
 Also going to add the White Hot Manifesto of Encouragement

How to Be a Goddess on back

some clips from last years Goddess Book and Calendar
This year I give myself Permission to



  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    WOW. I'm impressed. You have put so much of yourself into this process. Very inspirational!

    PS - I use some FlyLady routines too :)

  2. Wow! You have been really busy! Looks like you filled out the whole book already. ;) Peace is a great healing word for 2012! I guess I should get busy--blog--and then get my stuff ready for tonight. Happy new year, Trisha!! :)