Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Break Over Break OverBreak Over....

If I keep saying it will it make it more real? Doubtful.

Reading sites to help me be strong and move on.

This one I saw before. Bookmarked it. Reading it now. Working on listening to it
10 Ways to make Your Break Up Suck Harder or Suck Less

Breaking up

Heal My Broken Heart

Web MD Breaking Up Gracefully

I read things like this ""If you are still in love with the person and want them back, the best thing to do is go cold turkey." and really do want to follow it, but I don't know if I can.

"Do take at least eight weeks with no contact. No phone. No 'let's get together for coffee.' No nothing," she says. "You need time to detox and get in touch with yourself again."

Learn from relationships," -"Write down five things you appreciated about this relationship that you would like to have in the next one, and five things you would not like to create next time."

 Psychology Today
The end of a relationship is more than goodbye: It's knowing how to make the least painful egress.

Yet all the time this song looms in my head...

But through it all I leave you with the thought that stuck in my head from Stephanie St. Claire...

There Will Be Days

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