Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Word Verification Free Blogs

What is the word verification option?

The "word verification" option can be found on the Settings | Comments section in your blog.
If you choose "yes" for this setting, then people leaving comments on your blog will be required to complete a word verification step, similar to the one presented when you create a blog:

For one thing, Blogger does Spam filtering very well. If you have a Blogger account you generally don't have to worry about this.

Many Bloggers are starting to go this route. No Comment Moderation and no Word Verification.

One thing is that it is SUPER time consuming. Two is that I WANT to hear what you have to say and comment and I don't want to keep you from saying it. The other is if you want me to comment on your site and you have word verification, I won't be commenting anymore. I have a full time business and I am an avid blog writer and commenter. I just don't have the time.

Let's all be real here none of us have the time really. The internet world is vast can suck you into it's web in a matter of minutes. Do you really want to be wasting any more time trying to read spy words so you can comment on Someone's blog?

Also I found out that because of these Sight impaired or blind people cannot read or comment on my blog because of it. Well, that is lame. That takes out a whole demographic of people now doesn't it!

Google "Word Verification Free Blog" and you will find a vast amount of others who have also felt this was a good cause and deemed necessary for their blog as well.


In the new or old Interface it is in the Settings. Then Posts and Comments. 

Help spread the word by identifying  your blog as a "word verification free blog."  It's a courtesy to those who take time to comment on your posts. 

The button is yours for the taking.



  1. I agree! And I offer this hilarity from Clay Baboons - Robots and Bloggers against Captcha.

  2. Agreed! 100%. I have had to go through as many as 6 options before getting one legible enough to decipher.