Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Being Human

Being Human
You would think that in today's day and age that Being Human seems nearly impossible. Everywhere you turn its tech, tech tech. Don't get me wrong. I love tech. Our house loves tech. However, our house also loves RETRO. Retro future. Retro pin up. Classic Movies. The older way of doing things.
I write over 100 letters a month to people I don't even or hardly know.
I open doors for others.
I bake like grandma used to.
I say what I mean and mean what I say.
We are REAL in this house.
Mostly, we allow ourselves to be HUMAN.
I swallow a lot of pills to keep cancer at bay and the hardest pill to swallow is to be vulnerable, real, authentic and raw. It is not easy. It is much easier to hide away our true selves. To not allow anyone in. To build up walls with Social Media, the Internet, Books, Games, even children can be a great escape.
To be human means to show up no matter what.
To be human means to allow yourself the right to be imperfect.
To be human means to accept yourself for who you are and not allow anyone or anything to SHAME you.
To be human means living life openly.
To be human means to allow and accept yourself to be just that HUMAN.
We are not infallible.
We WILL make mistakes.
We are NOT perfect.
We never will be. So stop trying so damn hard and just accept yourself for the wonderful you that you are.
Allow your own humanity to rise up and come forth.
Allow others in. Set boundaries, but let them in.
Allow yourself to be open.
Allow yourself to be real.
Allow...just allow and keep allowing until you have blossomed and when you have blossomed become anew again and again like yearly flower, ever growing and improving.
Allow, yourself to be human.
Give it time. It takes practice and patience.
You can do it though.
I believe in you. <3
I dedicate this to the most human person I know Isabel Faith Abbott

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