Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Leaving a Legacy

Do you ever just look at your life and wonder what is is you are leaving behind? What kind of legacy? What will people remember about you when you are gone? Do you ever stop and think, if this person (yourself or another) was gone and this house, this car, these cards, this computer, these clothes, these shoes, these remnants in a trunk..what WOULD it say about you? Would it say who you really are? Would you showcase the person you truly were? What about the posts you post on Facebook and other Social Media? What do those say about you?

I wonder so often now about those things and dearly pray and hope that you would find love. Love in all things. Love for my belongings. Love for the love others send me. Love in what I wear, who I am and what I believe. Love.

I am not afraid of dying.
I am not afraid to go.
I am not afraid to leave...
I am afraid of what I will or wont leave behind.

I want so much to leave a legacy of love and to do so requires me to be vulnerable at the core of my being to share that love with you. It is scary. It is frightening. It is tough. It is not easy. It is brave. It is who I am. I want to be the epitome of love. <3

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