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Suggested Cancer Fighting Foods and Supplements

I found this site today while looking up what other supplements I should be considering. the good news is that I already am taking most of these. I will have to do research on the rest of them and give the list to HunePants to explore as he is the best researcher int he house and knows more about the herbs and things than I do because his family has a Health and Wellness shop in Racine, Wisconsin called Sheepish if you want to check it out. Here is the info I gathered from the site linked at the bottom off of Cancer Tutor...

(mind you this is not MY list, but one that I found and have combined a few of the articles together. please check out the links for further detailed information)

CoEnzyme Q10
Vitamin A
Vitamin B Complex & Folate – a B vitamin
Vitamin D(D3)
Vitamin E
Cod Liver Oil
Echinacea (herb)
Vitamin C &
Green Tea
Tumeric (Curcumin)
Berries (especially blueberries / bilberries)
Soy (Genistein and Isoflavones) – e.g. soy sprouts
Red/yellow Onion / Quercetin
Broccoli and other dark green leafy veg
Whey protein
Borage seed oil or Evening Primrose seed oil &
Fish (or fish oil) (but not shell fish)
CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
Lipoic acid
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
Melatonin (sleep hormone – take at night)
MSM-Methylsulfonylmethane or Dimethylsulfone
Cox-2 Inhibitors

No more than 25-30 percent of a person's diet should consist of foods high in Vitamin K, which include:

  • broccoli,
  • brussels sprouts,
  • cabbage,
  • collard greens.
  • cucumber peel,
  • endive,
  • green scallion,
  • lettuce,
  • mustard greens,
  • spinach,
  • turnip greens,
  • and watercress.

Garlic should be avoided for other reasons. Onions should be eaten in moderation.
While proteolytic enzymes are blood thinners, it is best not to try to balance blood-clotting foods and blood thinners. It is best to use moderation on both sides of the issue.

With regards to a cancer treatment, every food that we eat or drink can be categorized into categories:
  • Foods that feed and strengthen the cancer cells and/or the microbes in the cancer cells and body. Examples would be refined sugar (e.g. see: Challenge Cancer Website), refined flour, soda pop, dairy products, etc.
  • Foods that cause cancer (e.g. trans fatty acids [margarine, French fries and virtually every other processed food you buy], aspartame [Diet Coke, NutraSweet, Equal, etc.], MSG, polyunsaturated oils [e.g. corn oil], etc.)
  • Foods that directly interfere with alternative treatments for cancer (e.g. chlorine, fluoride, alcohol, coffee, etc.)
  • Foods that occupy and distract the immune system from focusing on killing the cancer cells (e.g. beef, turkey, etc.)
  • Foods that contain nutrients that kill the cancer cells, stop the spread of cancer, or in some other way help treat cancer (e.g. purple grapes with seeds and skin, red raspberries with seeds, strawberries with seeds, broccoli, cauliflower, several herbs, carrots, pineapples, almonds, etc.)
If you are too weak to eat, there is an absolutely required food: organic beef broth.

Foods to Avoid :

Sugars and refined grains, including white flour
Salt (and salty foods – e.g. soy sauce)
Corn oil and most common cooking oils (use olive oil)
Margarine and other products containing hyrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils

Hope this list helped you out in some way for yourself or for someone you love and care about. I knowit opened my eyes to foods and things I might need to take a closer look at!

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