Friday, March 31, 2017


Today as I was looking for a butterfly picture quote to send to someone, I found all these amazing quotes on Transformation. It made me realize that really, this process of Chemo, surgery, healing etc is really all that.
It was an epiphany to me because my book Falling Into Fabulous: A Phoenix Rising by Trisha Trixie is all about my 1st transformation in 2011 and how I overcame my life and moved on. Without realizing it, I was a caterpillar and now I am a butterfly. However, if I already did that, can a butterfly be transformed again?
Interesting facts for you...
"Studies performed on the caterpillars have also shown that they are almost whole new beings all together. Unless learned just prior to it undergoing metamorphosis, a butterfly will actually have very little memory of its life as a caterpillar. In a sense, caterpillars actually live and die TWICE. This is a very weird and odd evolution. One that doesn't fit the typical mold of change followed by other insects. "
So in essence, yes, I can transform again and I am doing just that.
This makes me wonder if book two should be Falling into Fabulous: A Butterfly Rising: The Cancer Chapters.
I always looked at myself as a Phoenix, getting burnt by life and ending up as nothing but ashes. A Phoenix rises from those ashes and because this amazing creature. Like me, or so I think.
Now thinking about this whole process as a Butterfly Transformation really has me thinking.
My friend Mandy calls it a process. Everything is a process.
This is my second transformation. In 2011 I was able to release all my old baggage, old hurts, old negative thoughts about others, myself, etc and move on with life. Take leaps. Take risks. Live the life I wanted. Start a business. Start another. Take chances. On Life. On Love. And be rewarded with those blessings. My life went from chaos to content. Until recently.
So what changed? Me.
I don't know why things happen and I don't always understand the reasons for why people must suffer, go through trials, deal with adversity and struggle, but I do know, there is a reason. There is a lesson. Sometimes, that lesson isn't even for us! It is for those around us.
I feel this is the case with my life and my cancer.
Who better to deal with such an overwhelming than and Overcoming Specialist? Who better to deal with Cancer than someone who has already learned how to let go, let God, and Overcome? Who better than someone who already understands the need for Transformation that someone who has already transformed once?
I have been truly blessed. I find my Cancer a blessing. I have learned so much and touched so many lives it is freaking amazing. Amazing isn't even a strong enough word!
This is my time to transform once again. To grow, to exalt to a high knowledge and understanding of life. To change from a Phoenix to a Butterfly. I am in my Cocoon right now. I am emerging while the whole world watches how I do it. How I overcome. How I conquer this.
It is important for me to be the instrument in his hands to be there for others. To listen. To have empathy. To have compassion. To help you understand Love. To help you understand Fear. To help you understand Life, perhaps.
I accept this destiny and fate in my life because I know my purpose here in life, on this earth, at this time. My mission, is LOVE.
I am determined to leave a legacy of love and if growing and going through this trial, helps you, another or even myself to grow and emerge and transform, then so be it.
I will be the Butterfly for you.<3

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