Monday, August 22, 2005

Got offer

Ok so I finally get an offer and decide to tell my friend and instead of JUST saying "Congratulations" I was on the receiving end of much unsolicited info. Even though I have said, no I don't need any.

I have only received one other FT offer in my life and that was years ago. I am excited! I wanted someone to be happy with me. IT didn't happen. She doesn't understand. This is a job. a real job. It pays. Money.

Right now I am more financially strapped than I ever have been. I am trying to make the right decision. I am trying to get moeny in my pocket.

Hold out. Holding out is great, but that doesn't put food on my table or pay my car payment. I have no furniture in my house right now! Geez. It would be great to live at a University with my boyfriend and only have small bills to pay, but by the time CS takes out half I am working for peanuts anyway!

I jsut wanted to share my news.
I jsut wanted someone to say "congratualtions".

Is that too much to ask, really?

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