Thursday, August 18, 2005


I am working a temp job this week. It is, to me, the msot boringest job int he world. I hate reception jobs. Sit there,look pretty, do nothing. Plus the pay is yuck for what I usually make but it is something. By the time I get paid CS will take half so it will be earning less than minimum wage after all is taken out and I am not even getting tips. Maybe I should start a tip jar and see what happens. :) Funny. I need to put that on my other blog. Usually work takes my mind off other thing, but this job is so boring I have to do things to take my mind off of work and then take my mind off of those things too! If I do all that...where is my mind?

Try and have a great day.
Ok have a good day.
Ok, just get out of your pajama's already, ok?


  1. Ok, just get out of your pajama's already, ok?

    thATS BEST

  2. i just moved to a new city and had to go straight to the temp agency so that i had SOMETHING. i know how you feel. i am also working as a receptionist/do whatever we don't feel like doing. it's awful. i hope you find a better job!