Saturday, December 09, 2006

Eating Alone

I got up today and thought I would try and do something nice. He has been so worried about everything and sressed out and I thougt making breakfast would be a good thing and perhaps we could spend sometime together.

I made breakfast and had it onthe table and he told me he had to finish his game first. So I sat there....and silence. The only thing you could hear was the Christams music I had on in the background. I finished, left the table alone while he compelted his game. Once he was done and had died in his game, I think I had died inside.

I told him yesterday he needed to take an acitve part in our marriage. I know he heard me..but see he doesn't listen. he doesn't want to hear what HE needs to do, only what "I" need to do.

Having me eat by myself after I made him breakfast doesn't seem like an active part to me.

What do I know though right?

How can I feel so alone when someone is inthe same room with me?

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