Friday, December 29, 2006


Why is it that whenever guys get in thei "fic it" kind fo mode they become the biggest jerks of all. I swear every guy I know gets into what I call "mechanic mode" when trying to fix a car, downlaod something online, adjsut something on a computer or anything else like that. It drive me completely insane. Did you guys forget your brains? Did you forget to be nice to another human being? I guess respect, concern for another and kindness go out the window when this mode comes upon you. (GEEZ)

He drives me nuts. I get that he is trying to fix my computer and that we were talking on the phone to Verizon. but he is the one who told emt o call. Now if he talks over me and I have to ask the woman 4 times to repeat herself I guess I might jsut start getting a little annoyed at this huh? So I asked him to stop and I put the woman on speaker. Then he starts arguing with her about the bill. Uh hello she is not billing she is Broadband, if you want to talk to billing then ask. Oh no...that would be too simple. Actually ASK for help...heavens no. Now why would eh go and doa thing like that. Goodness. Are all men incapable of asking forhelp or directions? Does every man open the box and jsut start putting something together without ever finind g out how? Do you go to school to learn how to do these things to us women and rive us MAD!!!!???

So I couldn't take it anymore. I set the phone in front of him, slammed the door and walked out to the pool buisness center where I am banging out my frustrations. I could scream right now. These are the times when I think I can't handle it anymore. these small little moments that drive me mad.

I look over at him and he is sitting around in his oh so unattratcive underwear with his belly largely hanging over and he is being an ass. well, if the visual wasn't bad enough the attitude sure puts a damper on things.

I was singing this morning to some church music and thinking about things in my life. Changes I desire. things I want to do, things I want to solve and I was thinking so hard about doing everything I could to make it work. But then not a ahlf hour later he shows his true colors and I can't stand him again. Is this what wedded bliss is supposed to be? Plus I have spent 9 years listening to him snore louder and louder the fatter and fatter he gets!! How much more can I take of this?

I shake my head wondering...wondering what it is that will make me blow...because I know...I jsut is going to be something stupid liek this where I jsut can't take it anymore.

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