Friday, December 29, 2006

The Parental Wedding Blues

Hail to all the moms and das out there who have gone through a daughter or child getting married and you are the one responsible. Of course our daughter wants TWO receptions mind you because they moved their date up. So WE are paying and tending to the one in January and She and her mom are paying for the one in June. Ours is at the cultural hall acorss from the temple, no building fees only cleanup and close down tables and chairs and put them away.

But everything else we are doing. It is 16 days to be exact before they get married and have this reception and nothing is done. I guess they were jsut hanging on waiting for us to pay...I dont know. But we have been back in Cali for 4 days and we have done these steps to planning a wedding short term...

Gelsons (or fine shopping market) 2 6 foot long multi meat subs, fruit salad, pasta salad, cheeses nibblers (squares), and veggie tray with dips= $600
Mac makeup store everything (eyeshadow, lip stuff, face wash and wipes, and more)=$300
Smart and final for cake plates, food plates, silverware and extra forks for cake, plastic flutes for sparkling cider, trays, serving spoons, etc=$150
Tall Mouse for tulle and ribbons and bridal shower gift plus scrapbook materials for making a guest book (they didnt have)=$125
Arranged for nails-French manicure, Deluxe pedicure, full arms and leg waxing=$150
Oh AND bought groceries for the bachelor for the new home so he didn't feel left out=$100 (I will say we gave him $100 budget and he stuck to it well)

I have arranged servers and water pitchers, decorators and people to set up and tear down chairs, plus handleda ll of this so far. WE still have to go to the florist and get flowers and still go to costco right before to get rasberries for the glasses and martinellis cider. We still need napkins and mints, but then I think we jsut might make it. I am keeping every recepit so they can never say "You didn't help or help pay..." and as I sit here typing that...I think dear lord I have become my mother.

Thank you...and good night.

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