Sunday, December 17, 2006

New Avatar

I found out you can add your Yahoo Avatar to your blog. I am a dork and think this is kewl. I did have a cowgirl on my yahoo, but I always like to make my Avatar fancy for the Holidays.

I was talking to A on the phone. Unfortuantely right before I called him I had a message from P his dad. P, gee that is a good initial becausse he is no better than pee. Anyway, I digress. I know I shouldn't think that way but the man annoys me. He is all freaked out because I won't call him and he needs to know my location and he needs to know if I am taking A or not and blah blah blah. It is just driving him insane that I won't call him and he can't control me. He irks me so much.

So I was talking to Alex and he and I were talking about magic cards and video games. He confirmed that I would not be seeing him for the holidays and then moved on. Then after about 20 minutes he tells me how much he has missed this fun mom who isn't so serious all the time. He said he liked this mom better. What do you say to that? Well, I told him that was fine but he needed to grow up and be serious and have serious conversation once in awhile. He said "uh huh" and that was it.

Then he began playing his game for awhile and became disinterested in talking to me. I asked if he wanted to talkt o S and he said yes so they talked for a bit. Then he played his game again so S got off the phone with him too. While he was playing his game I started building my avatar.

I said Good bye and our Friends forver thing and that I lvoed him. He repeated it but it sounded repeated and not real. How do you get a long with your kid when all you want to do is scream when you talk to them. I wonder oft times what our lives will be like when I am not "scheduled" to talk to them anymore? Will they call me? Will they still say "Friends Forever, love you"? Will they mean it? Do they mean it now?

SIGH. Beinga mom is hard. Being a mom, from a divorce, dealing with a crazy EX, who won't let you see your kid when you are only 60 miles not 1700 is murder. Plus the fact that the 17 year old kid won't stand up for you but everything and anything else he wants in life.

SIGH. All i can do is SIGH. Well, at least My Avatar is happy and looks pretty.

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