Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Speed Networking gone wrong

Well, tonight was a bust. Ok so lemme see, yes yes today is Tuesday, though it felt like the worst monday ever!

To sum up I must tell you the events of the evening and then you can tell me how you feel about it or what you think...fair? Fair! ok...let me take you ony my journey...

  • I show up to Legends and notice off to the right where our group is supposed to be there is another group.
  • I ask who they are and they tell me a large organization here in town
  • I informed them that was wrong as I was told we were to be there
  • I asked them if they were expecting us
  • It was 5:30 when I showed up and our event started at 6 pm
  • They had a scribbled piece of paper about us but didn't have the room ready
  • When they started preparing for the room I had to tell them everything all over again (two tops, like speed dating but speed networking, one person stays one person moves and that they will get thier own drinks until the end when we need a server as some people are staying to eat)
  • At 6 pm they were just finishing putting tables up
  • Luckily only a couple of regulars showed up early
  • Everyone else started milling in after, but Legenda lost our flyers so I stood at the door and had to redirect people since our room was changed
  • They did recreate a sign that they posted on the wall, but no one saw it where it was thus the standing and redirecting
  • The event starts and we are one table off. GREAT...NOT! So the take a booth nearby (which btw was only the first of many confusing inicdents through the night)
  • We had 19 people show so one of the hostesses had to sit to make it even so I stayed standing to manage the timers and bells)
  • We barely did the first round and as soon as someone had to go to the booth it ruined it
  • thenw e finally got that figured out and people kept getting up and getting a drink or going pee right int he middle of the event 9needless to say this does not bode well when the other person is sitting alone and has no one to network with for the 5 min)
  • Then we took a break and attempted to allow the stationary person to move -
  • Good grief all mighty...first while on break a few of the guys decided to give me a hard time about how the move was giong to work
  • The other hostess told me to have everyone go one way then changed her mind (which made me look bad and I don't like to look bad)
  • Then each time it was time to move someone would get it wrong and the boys would all fuss and give me a bad time
  • Then these little dingbat blond girls(im blond too but they give us a bad name) would mess it up by going pee or getting a drink or going the wrong way
  • After awhile it was going so awry that we gave up and let people mingle on thier own
  • I walked over to w wall and pretended to bang my head
  • 5 minutes later someone bought me a drink (too funny)
  • Whew...glad that was over

So I ordered some food, vowed never to use Legends for Speed Networking again and then met with my Graphic Designer from La Cava Designs and then tried to relax the rest of the night.

Thank goodness its over

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