Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 Divine De Cluttering and Sacred Sage New Year Welcoming

Here I am.

I showed up. I showed up in 2012.

I woke doing yoga stretching again. It felt good.

I made myself some Ginseng Vitality Tea. I haven't been drinking it because it had a scent that I didn't want, but today I made myself drink it. Once I got through it, I realized it wasn't that I didn't WANT it, it was that I THOUGHT I didn't but I NEEDED it and I feel better because of it. Funny how that is. Not Funny ha ha but funny...oh I wish I was saying this to him. HE would know what I mean. But I can't.

Last night I did everything I could to "Declutter" my life. Partially to keep busy so I could not think. Partly because in an effort to bring newness and good things into my life in 2012 I felt it was a ritual I needed to do. I cleaned my desk, I cleaned my art table, I even cleaned my bathroom next to my room and cleaned off my shelf. I got rid of things I couldn't bear to look at, thins I didn't need anymore and things that was just, well, clutter.

Dude helped by watching me

I cleaned the hallway and organized the bookshelves

Cleaned up my Office Desk

Washed ALL my bedding, including pink Fuzzy which took 3 drying cycles and a leaving out all night to dry

Cleaned off the top of my dresser and hung my Passion for Fashion sign

, in addition to added a NEW Bamboo plant

Then when I went to bed, I cired and cried and cried. When I was done with that, I cried some more. I just felt like I needed to cry it all out. Cry 2011 right out of me. Cry the 2011 of relationship issues, cry the 2011 of business issues, cry the 2011 of financial woes and issues, cry the loss of a love in 2011 and cry the loss of my heart. (Really wished my Pink Fuzzy was dry)

When I woke this morning I decided to give myself a Special Day Goddess Leonie spoke of. I deemed it Switch Off Sunday. No Internet, No Tv, no electronics for as much as of the day as I could. I asked my roommate if he would do the same with me since I needed a break today, today more than anoy other day and he said ok, not happily, but ok. I also kind of incorporated Spa Day, by coloring my hair (remembing the song "I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right Outta my Hair"?, well, maybe today I worked on "Coloring that man out of my hair"?? IDK.

As I said, I woke and right away did some yoga. Breath out the old, breathe in the new. Stretch to the right, stretch to the left. Release it all. Leave 2011 behind in 2011 and welcome 2012.

Then I went out and opened every window and door. Let it all out. Let all the freshness in. It was cold, but it was worth it.

I sketched a drawing for my Create Every Day blog I link on


I made homemade muffins with oatmeal for goodness for my body

I lit Sage to cleanse the house, every corner and all the rooms, thoroughly!!

I cleaned up the fountain, adding Fresh water...

and cleaned the area to make an Altar to bring in light, love and consist streams...
I colored my hair a Brown Blonde (Really warms my face and I FEEL different anyway if I don't LOOK different)

I used my NEW nail Cuticle Pen

I added a gem to my pinky to remind me I am a Gem no matter what others think

Did clear polish to bring NEWness and freshness into my life
Learned a new game I would never had played


Battle the zombies to live

I won by making it to the Helipad first

Lots oh Zombies, I lost the second round...:( Poo

I covered a few books for my Etsy site to sell

Dare, Dream, Imagine book for Etsy

Got a Zelda game and Zelda stickers for my controllers I have been wanting when I do log on... (mindless killing of things makes life easier sometimes)

Ended up caving and went to Walmart to buy a new workout game for my Wii with Heart Rate Monitor to get the FAT off me....ugh, but YAY, no? IDK

A sketch of an Owl wishing you a Happy Hooo Year in my large moleskin

I went out to Applebees and hung out with ANOTHER Sara who is a waitress who works at Village Inn and Applebees Bar who I have made friends with. I sat at the bar and talked to her for awhile while eating some red meat in a juicy hamburger. Mm red meat to feed the savage in me I was feeling.

 Then I came back, played a bit on the Wii, came back to my room and checked my email (not sure that was wise since an email bit my ass and I got upset but I am trying to most past it),  while uploading pictures for the blog did a little more art work, added songs to a playlist I am making on You Tube from a Former YT list I had. now that I am done here, I will update my Etsy and then log back off. My first day for Radiant Goddess is today so I might look around there and then I will sign off. So not bad two hours online.

See, I am getting better already. Day one of good habits and hey, for once, I don't have a headache this week. Amazing, knock on wood. Must be all the good things I did today.

Love, Light and Happiness,



  1. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Very positive attitude and changes - good for you!

  2. Wow! You were sailing right along! Good for you. :)

    I think it's better to cry it out than try to bottle it up. That was a good move, even if your pink blanket wasn't dry. ;)

    You did a lot of cleansing and shifting. May 2012 be the best year yet!! :):)

  3. I am getting better already. Day one of good habits and hey, for once, I don't have a headache this week.