Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It is hard now knowing that you read this here.

Before there was a thought a possibility but there wasn't a solid affirmation.

I have a few friends that from time to time come to the blog and read it but you see no one ever really comments ro says anything on it except my long time Guy friend E, who will every now and then say, "Hey I went out to your blog and noticed you have written out there for awhile"

But now, for you to say "One thing you have to know is I go there every day or so and read your blog, jsut so you know"

Wow, well, it kind of put me back a few pegs honestly...

I did know that every now and then you came out here and read. You have commented on a few things here or there.But now, knowing that you are out here daily or often reading and thinking about evrything I say makes me wonder and think

am I writing differently now? Am I going to continue to write differently knowing that he is reading it for sure?

I beleive the answer is yes. There is not much to do about it but continue to try to write as I did before but yet I care about you so I will sheild you as much as possible. But it is still my heart and my thoughts I started here long before I knew you and this has always been my safe haven to express.

Knowing though...has made and will make difference

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