Saturday, November 20, 2010

The RV World

It amazes me while I am on vacation that people don't just come up and take things from the RV people. I also don't quite understand this life. When you urinate throwing away your paper in a trash can and not the toilet. Yuck. Not taking a shower in your won shower but using the shower in the clubhouse. I mean I guess it save on water. But I guess I am too prissy for that. I don't mind once in awhile but for weeks on end, it gets old. I mean why have a shower if you aren't going to use it. Why have a bathroom if you aren't going to use it? Why pay all this money for an RV if you aren't going to use it's amenities?

I guess I just don't get it.

Plus the fact that living in a Rv fulltime would drive me insane I think. There is such little space. Everything is in baskets and clamped down. Everything has to be put away and everytime you want something you have to go hunting for it. and then my mother is like, now where did I put that and that alone would drive me crazy. I would forget constantly. I know I would.

It reminds me of when my friends would go Yachting.On the yachts things had to be like that too. Now imagine if you will people who spend millions of dollars on their houses, who have housekeepers, who use a thousand napkins to wipe off thier hands putting their used pee pee wipes in a trash can as not to flush it down their boat?!? Hmmm something seems amiss here. But they did it. And BOY were they particular about it!

Isn't it funny how RV life is so similar to boating life. Every little things must be kept away in storage compartments. Every things must be put away. You can't flush things, there is a nasty odor of those urine wipes too (barf), and there is such tight little space you have to really think about what you are going to take with you before you go or you learn to live without it.

the funnier thing is that these two sects of people come from two very different worlds and are considered two very different types of people. The Rving world or class of people are considered a lesser class that the Yachter group and I know that group would snub them and look down on them. I mean my Newport Beach friends would be nice to my mom if they met her and all, but they would not in any way think of her as an equal.

But as I have only been visiting my mom here in Arizona for a few days and I have listened to her talk about how much this costs and that costs and how expensive the RV park and she has shown me different parks and how much it costs to stay at each one and how they leave learned how to stay at each one and how they now pay over $3,000 in membership fees to stay in this park a year and thye still have to pay for internet and cable and extra vehicle and if thye have more than two pets there is a pet fee. I mean that is just craziness. If you are paying over $3,000 a year you shouldn't have to pay anything.

I found out recenelty my Ex spouse bought an Rv on Ebay and is learning about how to survive in the beginning like my parents did. They said at first you pay $55 a night and then you learn to find a place that is cheaper. My ex spouse said he is learning this to be the same thing. But then again he likes to stay at the beach and you pay a high price for beach.

I jsut find it all humorous. Their whole lives are in this RV. And then they pack the satellite dish and the tablecloths for the picnic table outside, and then the chairs to sit outside, and the stuff to survive inside. It all is a different life and it jsut amazes me that one would want to go trhough this much trouble to live every two weeks.

But then again my mother has always been a gypsy and I have often followed in her foosteps. I have packed and unpacked more than i ever wanted to. I have lived out of suitcases with my ex and with myself. I know it CAN be done, I guess I am jsut getting to an age and stage in my life where I jsut want it to all stop, be settled and be with jsut one person and be happy for the rest of my life. JUST ME AND HIM.

the Rv world is not for me. I would not mind a Class C 20 Foot that you use jsut o camp in and can still set up a tent and have comething fun. Or having something like Lance and Jenny's parents that had the Rv that you could put the Motorcyles in and we could put four wheelers in and throw the beds down or soemthing.

Now that would be fun.

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