Monday, May 23, 2011

Brave Girls, Soul Restoration and the other Tools I now have in my life...

For some of you, you are already aware that I took Soul Restoration 1 with the Brave Girls Club. It started in January and my life has been set in motion ever since. I feel it was the greatest, best thing I could have ever, EVER done for myself. It got my mind straight. It made me think about what I really wanted. It opened my eyes to letting go of the past. It helped me see to my future. It gave me hope. It helped me see the Truth.

Now we are so VERY lucky to have SR2-Living the Truths

I just registered for the class and am super excited! I have been feeling that yearning for a week or so. I have not been connecting with my BG Tribe as much as I used to. I have been trying to do everything on my own again. I have not been connecting with the Truth or even wanting to see it. I have been standing at the gate of the roller coaster and sometimes I get on the ride and sometimes I stand there looking at it.

I catch myself every now and then doing this and reach for my tools. The tools I now have. The tools I received from Brave Girls, my Goddess Guidebook, Jaime Ridler Studios on how to Sparkle, Shine, be accountable for my Morning Pages in May, Wishcasting and so much more with her, The Art of Non-Conformity with Chris, Michelle Ward-When I Grow Up Coach, The Right Brain Business Plan with Jen Lee, I have learned so much in my current reading of Peace from Broken Pieces from Iyala Vanzant,
I read uplifting blogs like Create Every Day and look at art sites that make me smile like Jessica Swift or Balzer Designs and check into my RSS feed of Benign Objects as often as I can remember.

Although I enjoy all of those, I know I will get so much out of Soul Restoration 2. There is such a different connection there with my Brave Girl friends that I don't have with anyone else. I am really looking forward to it. Also, Melody and Kathy said you don't have to take SR1 first. I would encourage anyone who is searching, struggling, yearning to take SR 1 and SR2.

Your life will never be the will be better!

Brave Girls Club

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