Friday, May 13, 2011

Vision, Dreams, Goals, Dreams,Aspirations...but wait..there's more...

Is there a point where you have compromised your vision? When you compromise your vision, you end up compromising your standards.

Do you have a clear definition of what your vision is? Your vision is what burns deeply in your heart. This burning in your heart is what drives you.

We were meant to see in us something vital. We were meant to see ourselves be incredible, amazing, and something incredible!

Has your vision of yourself, your company or your business adjusted to the darkness inside your pit? When this happens we can't see our vision, have lost sight of our vision and we end up accepting the pit. The lack of light and fresh air can lull us to sleep. Our vision dims and we lose sight of of the youth, the exuberance, the childlike innocence that allows us to think the impossible, to fear nothing, to move mountains, to think, believe in fairies and feel like we truly are a Prince or Princess!

But if you are in a pit, you can't see. Vision is lost. In the pit, there is no such thing as Dreams, Goals, Aspirations and Visions. These things are important. They matter. They help move you. They help drive you.

I have met 3 men in my life recently that finding someone to share their life with is of utmost importance. Doesn't sound wrong or bad right? No, not really but there are very few people that you will find have that same goal as a woman. It is not enough to just have the desire to find a mate.Women aren't looking for a husband or just someone to share their life with. Women are looking for A Connector. Someone they can connect to. Someone who has the same Values. Same Mottos. Same Dreams, Goals or Aspirations. At the very least someone who has ANY Dreams, Goals or Aspirations.

For me, having them is great. That is truly important to me.For me though, I would like more. I want them to want more for themself. I want them to be in active motion of reaching those Visions. I was in a conversation recently with someone about that, with two people actually and I was so aghast that they didn't have ANY of those visions for their life. Go to work, come home, maybe get a wife or someone to share their life with. I shake my head. What irony that is. How do they ever think they will find that person if they never go out of the house? How are they going to find that connector? So I learned having a single minded goal of partner is absurd to me. I was aghast, as I said.

But what I gleaned out of that were these things:

We all have a script about what others are supposed to be like, if they follow the script in our head. When others act in accordance to that script, we give them our trust. We look for traits, behaviors and ideals that match this script. We reward that by being in their life, trusting them and connecting to them.

We all have ways that motivate us. Some are motivated by an internal drive. Some are motivated by the desire to help others. Some are motivated by the desire to find a partner. Some are motivated by the desire for recognition. And then... some are simply not motivated at all.

There are many things that matter to me yes. But it clicked this week what the driving force is in my life and what motivates me.


I do not mean that to be religious or not. Faith is believing in things hope for and not seen.


Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.


Best is That which is the most excellent, outstanding, or desirable.

Faith, Hope, having or being the Best. This is life to me. This matters to me. Faith that things will get better. Faith in another human being. Faith in myself. Faith in life. Faith that when things are down they will get better. Hope is important because it coincides with Faith. I have not always had an easy life and the desire to believe in Hope that things will get better help me to have Faith. Being the Best, having the Best, giving the Best of me. I was trained by my mother, put in classes in youth, and every conference I have ever gone to says "Give it your all", "Be your Best" "We have the Best product."  A former partner in my life used to say from something he learned from his mother they got from old JC Penny catalogs "Good, Better, Best , may you never rest, til your god is Better and your Better is Best." Nothing ever says, "Be less than." "Sit around and do nothing" "Stay inside and never go out"

Take into each of the meanings of Faith, Hope and Best that matter to you.That is what is means to me. But I found out...that is not enough.

To me there is one more word to add...


The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.

Having those Traits that I find desirable are good in a partner. Having Goals, Dreams and Aspirations are essential. But if you ONLY have them, it is doing you no good. You need to take action on those things. Be moving forward in life. You must seek out to PURSUE those things.

You can't move forward if you are in a pit.

What are the Dreams, Goals or Aspirations do you need to pursue? What do you need to once again pursue?What actions are you doing to move forward toward them? Because if you are not moving forward you are standing still. Life will eat you up when you stand still. Life in the pit gets you nowhere.

You should have crawled out of the pit already. If not, get out. If so, what step, in what direction, in what way are you moving forward?

It is time to take that next step away from the pit. It is time to take action.

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