Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday: What Dreams are you wishing for?

Guess what day it is? Yep! Wishcasting Wednesday with Jaime Ridler at Ridler Studios

I usually have my regular pictures posted above but today I went searching for other images that embody what I feel.

Today's wish casting is What Dreams are you wishing for? Hmmm. Well, I am a dreamer so that one is a hard one to answer.I have many dreams but I am also one to go after my dreams. I do wish for things but I am a doer as well so I don't sit around wishing for things. I had a friend who used to say

"If wishes were fishes we'd all have a fry." Meaning most people do make so many wishes that you could have a wish fry like a fish fry with them. I always thought that saying humorous.

I recently spoke to a few people about Dreams, Goals and Aspirations. My dreams are crucially important to me. I feel that others ought to have dreams as well. If one is not dreaming then you are not shooting for anything. You are not Casting. Casting those dreams into the universe is the first step I realized today.

If you think of Dreaming such as Casting like you would go fishing like my picture shows, then you are actually moving in a forward action. By doing this you are telling the universe, "I want that. I desire that.Help me get that. " 

The tools are the line you use to send out those Dreams. What is your line? What type of materials are you using? Is it a strong sturdy line? Or is a weak cheap string. Do you use a pole or a net? Do you have a stick or a fancy reel and pole to work with? What about bait? What kind of bait are you using to catch those dreams? What about a bag or a net to gather those dreams up once they are caught or arrive?

My father, Art, used to take me fishing when I was very young. We had a small creek on the back of the farm and our home was right up against Ledges Park as well and the creek or crick would lead you into Ledges and then out to the Des Moines River.  I remember one time in particular (odd because I was so young when he passed I have very few memories as it is, but this I recalled today). We walked through the farm woods, down to Ledges and out to the river. We walked through mud and my hair got stuck in some trees, but we had a good time laughing about it. Once we got there he walked around for a bit and then he picked up this branch. He took out his knife and widdled it a bit. Then he tied this string or line to it at the very end. He pulled out a handful of those old aluminum your soda pop can top. You remember, the kind that you used to put your finger into and pull the tab off the can to open it? Yeah those. He took one of them and wrapped the string around it through the loop so the tab part looked like a hook with it dangling there. Then he handed it to me and proudly said "THERE!" and to me it looked like the most amazing thing EVER! He instructed me how to dip it down into the water and just let it dangle. He said the fish were drawn to the Shinyness of the tab and they would come to it. He was right, not long after (I don't know when because as a youth I had no concept of time) a fish took my hook. He hollered "Lift it up! Lift it up out of the water!" I did and low and behold I had a fish on the end. He took the fish off the hook for me and I was so proud. LAter we cooked the fish and enjoyed every bite.That was a great day. Looking back it was an even greater lesson that I must have just embeded in my brain without even realizing it and have carried this lesson through my life.


  • First you must enjoy the journey to get to where you need to cast your Dreams. 
  • Sometimes you have to do some searching to find or at time create the right tools for you. 
  • Make the tools fit for you if they don't fit on their own.
  • The Shiny get the attention by doing nothing jsut by being Shiny. 
  • Things are drawn to the Shiny and will automatically come to you if you are Shiny.
  • Casting can be as simple as putting it out there. You don't have to throw your back out tossing it or throwing things far, you simply need to let it be what it is and wait for things to happen.
  • When you get a bite, don't wait forever, don't hesitate, snatch it up. Lift it up! 
  • Enjoy your results!

I don't know what each of you is wishing for. I don't know what you are dreaming. I don't know how you dream. This is how I Dream. I cast my Dreams by wishing. That is action one for me. Then I follow through. My dreams sometimes intertwine with my Goals, for for today I am solely going to share my Dreams with you..

My current Dreams are: 

  • To go to Hawaii
  • To be able to buy a NEW car (Hopefully a Yaris)
  • To be able to find a man who wants to share his life with me that is all I am looking for (This does not mean married or engaged. Someone told me recently, you can give a ring to anyone, you choose who to share your life with)
  • To go to Europe again but this time explore other areas like Holland, Ireland, and more
  • To have a thriving Non-Profit for the Homeless to give back to others
  • To Go to Greece with someone I love
  • To have a Gallery showing of my Art/Photography work for me
  • To continue to not just live, but savor and devour life every day
Wish on...As you all wish for yourself I wish for you also...


  1. I love the "wish fry" and the heart as bait (in the picture). And as you wish for yourself, so I wish for you too!

  2. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well. Wonderful post with so many great visuals and suggestions.

  3. Making a wish is the first step. But follow through is important! Oh Hawaii, definitely one of the places I want to go to. Love that there is so much travel involved in your wishes. Gotta get back to the ocean and those beaches!

  4. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Wonderful wishes.

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  5. Beautiful wishes :]
    Just adore the photo "heart on a string"
    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful steps to your own Dream Casting :) I love the part "Things are drawn to the Shiney and will automatically come if you are shiney!"


    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well!

  7. Anonymous12:52 PM

    cast far and deep my love ... these things you shall have and be <3

    i wish for you as you wish for yourself :) g!

  8. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Love your story about casting for dreams. It is a great lesson to live by. Thank you for sharing the beautiful story with your dad - what a great memory!

    As you wish for yourself, I wish also for you. And thanks for stopping by the mountain mermaid.

  9. Anonymous3:40 PM

    May you savor and devour life every day! Keep your eye on the ring, all of your dreams will come true. LOL

    As you wish for yourself I too wish for you:)

  10. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also!

  11. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also!

  12. Wonderful glorious wishes.

    As you wish for yourself I so lovingly wish this for you also. xx

  13. Very good wishes. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  14. As Trisha wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.