Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to know?

 Riddle Me This....

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to know?


It is really funny this questions is asked.

I hate the unknowing.

I want to know it all. When are we going? Where are we going? When are you getting here? What do you mean you don't know? Why don't you know? And so on...

But life has turned the tables on me lately and I have been faced with many challenges. On top of that I have been given new insight to knowing and not knowing. I have been given new insight on hwo other people feel because God has put me in their shoes and now I get it.

I have become more comfortable with the Unknowing. I would like a better answer than  "I don't know" but i am now ok with that response. I mean if you don't know you don't know, right? You can't answer what you don't know. So, stop asking me. :)

I also learned recently about Altered Responses from The Meyvn Group An Altered Response is telling someone what they want to hear, not what is true.

How many of us do that to others so they think they are gaining knowledge but really we are withholding knowledge from them because we either don't want to share the truth, are concerned with the consequences or for other factors? When you think about this, then Knowing can raise questions. I wonder now, is the person telling me that because that is what they THINK I want to hear or is that really the truth? is it worth it to prod if I am only going to receive an Altered Response? I think not.

A former roommate told me "Don't ask unless you want to know the answer." I thought, well, that is silly of course I want to know or I wouldn't have asked. Think again. It's the Be Careful what you wish for mentality. I learned, sometimes I really didn't want to know. Especially if I get the REAL response not the Altered one. That can bite, hurt, sting or suck big rocks.

So this week when thinking about Jaime's question "What do you wish to know?" Make sure you really want to know it, are ready for the answer, and be prepared for a possible altered response.

As for others like me who want to know EVERYTHING, I wish that you will come to an acceptance of the Unknowing as well as the Knowing. :)


  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    :) i refer to the Unknowing as Allowing ...

    i also firmly believe if we are meant to know ... the answer will always come. however! ... not always what we might 'expect' and ... ah! there is that 'Unknowing/Allowing again :)

    as you wish for yourself, i wish for you also <3 Gayle!

  2. Being comfortable with unknowing can be powerful I think. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  3. Very good wish. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  4. As you wish for yourself Trisha, so I wish for you too. Hope you have a wonderful week :)

  5. As you wish for yourself I wish it too. I love this post, so true. Jacs x

  6. As Trisha wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.