Sunday, June 05, 2011

Romance Wants/Needs

I want a man who says I am beautiful not hot,
who doesn't care if I am cute or sexy
who just cares that I am me,
who sees I am beautiful on the inside and out,
who will fight for me when I need fighting for,
who will let me stand up for myself when I want to,
who supports me in my ideas, dreams, goals, aspirations,and  desires even if they be far fetched,
who helps me while my life is Unfolding and while I am Learning to Grow Up
someone who allows me to be a Goddess and even more so encourage me to do so
a person who lets me explore who I am through Wishing, Dreaming, and Creating,
A person who allows me to search into my Soul and isn't afraid of the outcome,
yet welcomes it,
who loves my silliness and loves it when I skip, jump or dance ,
who showers me with affection by giving me gifts and cards, buying me my favorite candy bar or remembering what my favorite cereal is, complementing me or thanking me or acknowledging 100 times if need be thank you for taking out the trash, putting away the dishes or doing the kitty litter,
a man who,
understands my Love Language (9 in Gifts & Acknowledgement and Praise)
lets me go to my Cave when I need, like some Venutians need to do, to those rare times that I actually have used all my words and don't want to talk to anyone anymore
or perhaps really do want to sit in silence
or walk in in the park
or sit on the beach
or on a park bench and have him run his fingers through my hair
or brush a piece of it gently over my ear,
and a man who
who allows me over talk at other times
when he is tired of listening
and may be overhwlemed
and doesn't really want to listen to anyone anymore
but because he loves me
will listen to me,
is understanding as I try to put my life back together and as others gain Peace from Broken Pieces
who gets that I an an emotional person
I am not an emotional roller coaster
I am emotional
and with great passion
comes great emotion,
someone who is strong, confident, secure, trustworthy and mature
someone intelligent, unique, forward thinker, driven, motivated, willing to leap
someone not afraid to take chances
someone who has dreams, goals, aspirations and  desires
and someone who isn't afraid to go after them
or who is actively moving in a  forward motion toward it,
someone who puts me above all else
besides God of course
but above all believes in a higher power & desires to lead our home with strong hands & gentleness in his heart

Yes, this is what I want want. But I feel this it is more than that. I feel this is what I need to survive. I don't feel it is too big a list. Because I was told that Barbie and Ken are plastic and not real. If you have impossible dreams it will be impossible to ever meet them. I do not for a minute think I am Barbie and I am not looking for Ken.

I don't feel this list is idealistic. This is Realistic.

I am being realistic. I am finally starting to be realistic. I am just seeing what I want. Looking for it. And not settling for anything less.

Welcome back to me. Trisha. Getting ready for Soul Restoration II-Living the Truths.  Hold onto your hats people. I am getting my mojo back!


  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I enjoyed this "What I Want" Even Enjoyed that you Are searching for you. the "Realistic You". My Request for a you would be to see you Blessed with finding the person you are now, the 41 year old you. To live your life to the fullest and know "Yes you can have it all, All the things you want, one clue, you have to know it when you find it, and reconize it when you see it.And feel it in the depth of your soul. Last but not least, you have to know how much of your soul in your heart of hearts you are willing to give up to make room for this person". Sharing life even with the Best of Them, Requires you make room to share your heart,souls and dreams with that person.

  2. Thank you. That is the biggest challenge of all, I know. Knowing it, recognizing it when I see it. So true that in SR 2 we are discussing "Sacrifice" right now in week 4 as to what we have to give up to make way for what we want. I have made room in the past but in the past I have cleared the whole soul house for them. Now it is time to protect my soul house and give them a room in my house. A room that is for just me and him. I am willing to give up the cluttered room for just the right man. I always have been willing to do that.

    The real question is what is he willing to give up to make room for me?