Sunday, June 26, 2011

While I am working-Check this out!

I created some new pages on my other site that mainly shows my artwork. I like to Create and I thought by adding pages to the Art Site it might make it easier to see all the fun Art things I have been doing.

I am busily working away this weekend on my Three, yes THREE classes and so while I finish working go over and Check Out my other sites while you wait.

I also wrote a poem this week so I added my Poetry Site as well.

and for fun I added the Other Blogs I write to as well if you are interested... I did this one for a Contest Last Year. It is a Short Story Memoir about me and my mother This one is for my Business and this one is one I am just starting to write on about a dear friend of mine and me and our crazy laughs and adventures

Enjoy Blog Reading while you wait for more exciting info on Trisha Trixie!

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