Saturday, June 25, 2011

What do you wish for this summer?

The week got away from me but I wanted to make sure I still did my Wishcasting from Jaime Ridler because I really love it's question:

What do you Wish for This Summer?

I wish for Perfect Weather
I wish for the scent of Fresh Cut Grass
I wish for blades of grass or sand beneath my toes
I wish for Arts and Crafts
I wish for Peace and Harmony
I wish for wondrous books, blogs and other to tantalize my eyes to Read
I wish for Love to work it's way back to me
I wish for the Universe to get back in line
I wish for Summer Dresses and Skirts
I wish for adorable hair and non melting makeup
I wish for Soul Learning and Strengthening with my fellow Brave Girls
I wish for a Summer of Color and fun In the Sun
I wish for mouth watering and thirst quenching goodness
I wish for growing plants from my new garden
I wish for beautiful flowers that vine to make me an amazing hideaway
I wish to move forward
I wish others to move forward
I wish for a Miracle
I wish for Chance
I wish to be a Goddess
I wish for my Business Plans to work smoothly
I wish for my Dreams to become Reality
I wish for my Goals to become Action
I wish for healthier living
I wish to get back to Fly Lady
I wish for my words to flow from my hand
I wish for my art to be an amazing creation
I wish to seek out the Live I want to Live
I wish to live each moment
I wish to be

and if I wish the wishes of my heart wether they be real or true...
I wish for fairies and unicorns and good witches and pixie dust....
bubbles and twinkling lights and I wish a wish for you....
I wish for tree swings and fireflies...bonfires and smores...
I wish for meadows of flowers...
and the wish of your hearts galore...

of all the things I wish the most...I wish for simple bliss...

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  1. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.